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The 8 Best Salesforce Dashboards to Consider Implementing

Solutions Review has composed this list of the best Salesforce dashboards to implement, selected based on their abilities and versatilities.

Salesforce is an essential platform in the CRM world virtually every day. Many businesses find their teams spending most of the workday on Salesforce. When it comes to expanding upon its capabilities and quality of life, the best Salesforce dashboards can essentially rework the way users implement the platform entirely. These dashboards allow many new features, facets, and statistics to become integrated into the everyday Salesforce experience.

Solutions Review has composed this list of the best Salesforce dashboards to implement. These dashboards were selected based on the variety of upgrades, analytics, and versatilities they bring. All of the listed dashboards have been placed in alphabetical order for your convenience. For more information from Salesforce itself regarding the implementation of dashboards, check this link to the Salesforce site.

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The Best Salesforce Dashboards To Implement

Age of Leads Dashboard

Many organizations use this report in dashboard mode because of the criticality of information conveyed by this report. It shows the age of the leads and activities in each lead. This helps the senior management assess the quality of the leads in the sales funnel. It also allows management to understand whether the sales executives have been prompt in taking action about a lead.

Customer Service Supervisor Dashboard

This report is tailor-made for the managers who lead customer service teams. It gives them a direct view of their team’s performance in resolving customer issues. It is focused on the Customer Service team specifically, as the name implies, rather than the company. The dashboard displays the top performing agents, the average age of the open cases, open cases by priority, etc.

Executive Daily View Dashboard

This dashboard aids senior managers in their day-to-day work by aggregating data. This ranges from various sales representatives and territories. It provides a snapshot of the status of all sales activities under the user’s control at any point in time. It also allows you to pinpoint low-performing employees or sectors and motivate them. Lastly, it assists in discussions with your senior management in deciding the budget allocations for each sector. 

Forecast Dashboard

The forecast dashboard allows organizations to get a clear picture of the sales forecasts for the quarters and help them track where they concern their targets. It will enable companies to train and coach their employees by holding them accountable for meeting forecast expectations. The key focus areas of this dashboard are sales quotas and quota attainment rates. The forecast dashboard uses multiple underlying reports related to forecasts by employees. 

Leaderboard Dashboard

The primary purpose of this dashboard is to motivate your sales employees by aiding the competitive spirit in their day-to-day work. These dashboards display the current top salesperson by revenue. The primary focus of this dashboard is sales performance, and in helping, sales managers keep close control over their teams. The underlying reports include closed/won opportunities by revenue, the number of demos taken, etc.

Marketing Executive Dashboard

The marketing executive dashboard is intended for senior management to keep track of marketing activities. It helps to discover what difference marketing campaigns make in generating and converting leads. This dashboard is a great tool to coach and mentor marketing analysts and holds them accountable for the effectiveness of their marketing activities. Underlying reports include lead, sales, Inventory levels, billing status, etc. This report is a piece of the built-in dashboards provided by Salesforce itself.

Sales Funnel Dashboard

The sales funnel dashboard is used to understand sales value in various stages. The initial stage of sales leads is the prospect stage. Then, leads get into the investigation stage when proposals are made based on the investigation. The last stage before conversion is the negotiation stage. The variation of this chart stems from their values in different stages. Companies use this information to ascertain whether their prospects are of significant enough value to meet their forecasts.

Service KPIs Dashboard

This dashboard is a tool for senior managers providing customer service. The original Customer Service Supervisor Dashboard is more aligned towards a team’s performance, while this works based on the entire organization’s service KPIs. This dashboard provides insights into key metrics like the trend of closed cases, cases closed by channel type, case distribution by type and priority, etc.

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