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Boomi Updates Flow Automation Service with New Multicloud Features

Boomi Updates Flow Automation Service with New Multicloud Features
Boomi Updates Flow Automation Service with New Multicloud Features

Source: Boomi

Boomi announced enhancements to its workflow automation service Boomi Flow, according to a press release on the company’s website. The release features support for multicloud and hybrid cloud deployments with built-in protection for sensitive data. Organizations can run Boomi Flow applications in any cloud, and it supports data control and security with deployment flexibility and the ability to run apps from private clouds. The reveal comes on the heels of Boomi’s Project Lightspeed unveiling from October.

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Boomi is recognized as one of the top providers of Integration Platform as a Service tools. Boomi’s flagship product, AtomShere, supports integration processes between cloud platforms, software-as-a-service applications, and on-prem systems. The solution also uses a visual interface to configure application integrations. Boomi’s runtime tool, Boomi Atom, allows integrations to be deployed wherever they are needed. The AtomSphere platform is available in several editions, based on use case and functionality.

Boomi Flow enables customers to streamline operations with one touch deployment, better control of data movement, and enhanced governance of sensitive data. According to Boomi “This means Flow enables the creation of custom workflows and applications – while complying with regulatory mandates and corporate policies around data protection.”

In a media statement on the news, Boomi Head of Product Ed Macosky said “The industry has been clamoring for a multicloud solution that can create integrated experiences and enable digital engagement with audiences in a seamless way. With Flow, organizations can seamlessly deploy and automate workflows and applications across diverse environments in ways that best fit their architectures. The net result is the ability to personalize the customer journey for different personas, creating unique avenues of interaction that build up brand loyalty.”

The latest version of Boomi Flow is available now, click here to learn more.

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