Data Integration Buyer's Guide Unveils Industry-First Integration Tool for Non-Tech Users Unveils Industry-First Integration Tool for Non-Tech Users Unveils Industry-First Integration Tool for Non-Tech Users recently unveiled Flow Express, bringing a drag-and-drop Data Integration solution to line-of-business users in the enterprise. The announcement was made at Salesforce DreamForce 2016 on October 4. The offering requires zero training and was designed with non-technical users in mind, providing a key step in enabling business users and IT departments to collaborate on workflow and integration models that benefit everyone. Flow Express is the first integration suite to offer users with varying levels of technical training the chance to get involved with workflow automation.

Flow Express offers several key features, including:

  • No code interface: Allows users to build automated worklows that connect their most-used apps through an intuitive web interface without having a technical background in programming or development
  • Flow Export: Provides users the tools to create high-value workflows that connect to a wide variety of services and integrate data across different platforms at one single instance
  • Triggers: Events that initiate a workflow and can trigger actions across systems that may be related. This can be done in real-time or executed according to a predetermined scheduling protocol

In a joint statement to eWeek, Co-founders Sampat and CTO Nishant Patel map the trajectory of, saying: “We started the company to build integration in the cloud, but it was way ahead of its time. Back then, people called it ‘integration on the web. Our first few customers were trying to figure out how to build workloads in the cloud, so we helped them build some of the first SaaS apps. Then, mobile became the big thing in 2008 and 2009, when enterprises were trying to adopt mobile, so we helped organizations try to figure out their mobile strategies.

Gartner recently included in their Cool Vendors in Pervasive 2016 market brief, a report that highlights emerging solution providers who offer innovative alternatives to enterprises looking to rethink their current integration strategy. Flow Express is generally available now, and the company will be showcasing the new technology at DreamForce through the end of the week.

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