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Cleo Launches New Essentials Package on the Cleo Integration Cloud

Cleo Launches New Essentials Package on the Cleo Integration Cloud
Cleo Launches New Essentials Package on the Cleo Integration Cloud

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Cleo has announced a new Essentials package through its Integration Cloud product, according to a press release on the company’s website. Cleo Essentials are designed for businesses in eCommerce and enables organizations to automate their API-based or EDI business processes. Cleo Essentials is powered by the same components as its popular cloud enterprise integration platform. The news comes on the heels of the vendor’s August release of Cleo Integration Cockpit.

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The Cleo Integration Cloud allows organizations to connect to enterprise and SaaS applications with a variety of connectors and APIs. The tool automatically accepts, transforms, orchestrates, connects and integrates all B2B data types from any source and to any target, and can be deployed via several different methods. Cleo Integration Cloud can also be embedded for SaaS or Information Services organizations and can be utilized as a managed service to offload complex integrations to the vendor’s experts.

Cleo Essentials offers a library of application and business connectors alongside a flexible data transformation engine to support API, EDI, as well as non-EDI-based business processes. Users can utilize real-time operational visibility along with secure dashboard and scorecard access to trading partners. The Essentials package is ideal for companies who are experiencing growth from eCommerce, API-based integrations, or EDI transactions, as well as those who need to optimize business processes.

In a media statement about the news, Cleo Vice President of Products Vidya Chadaga said “With our new Essentials package, we are bringing ecosystem integration to the masses. Modern integration technology allows companies to absorb the blow of slowdowns, shutdowns, and instability. So, whether you are looking to automate your business processes, support growth of API-based integrations, or modernize your aging EDI systems, Essentials will jump start any B2B integration initiative.”

Watch Announcing the new Essentials CIC Package from Cleo on YouTube to learn more.

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