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Cloud Elements 3.0 Touts New Virtual Data Hub and Integration Conductor

Cloud Elements 3.0 Touts New Virtual Data Hub and Integration Conductor
Cloud Elements 3.0 Touts New Virtual Data Hub and Integration Conductor

Source: Cloud Elements

Cloud Elements has released the latest version of its API integration platform featuring new capabilities that virtualize the integration of APIs. The tool is designed to make it easier for software and service teams to build, manage and scale digital ecosystems. Cloud Elements 3.0 allows APIs to work in uniform ways across a wide variety of applications while sharing common data models. The release also introduces a new feature called Virtual Data Hubs, which puts a company’s data model at the center of its ecosystem.

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Instead of requiring developers to build point-to-point connections using inconsistent APIs, Cloud Elements unifies APIs with capabilities for authentication, discovery, search, error handling and maintenance. The Elements can then be combined into workflows (or formulas) that automate business processes across applications. Elements and formulas can be modified, shared and re-used, and can shield developers from underlying API changes.

The Virtual Data Hubs capability provides a normalized view of data objects, such as accounts, orders or payments, allowing companies to manage the data they care about in the structure that is optimized for their application or business. This provides software teams with more control over user experience. Version 3.0 also includes a new visual integration feature called Conductor. The functionality enables professional services teams to build and manage workflow without code.

In a statement to Solutions Review, the company’s VP of Product Ross Garrett told us: “Right now, software teams are forced to map their data point-to-point to every new application, and for every customization an end user requires. Instead, they should be able to proactively plan, build, manage a one-to-many data models that will scale with their application ecosystem. Businesses want to take control of their data, and this is foundational for digital transformation and ongoing enterprise agility.”

Solutions Review named Cloud Elements one of 7 Integration Platform as a Service Vendors to Watch in 2019 in January.

Learn more about the new features in Cloud Elements 3.0.

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