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Did We Just Witness the Biggest Data Migration Fail in History?

Did We Just Witness the Biggest Data Migration Fail in History?

Did We Just Witness the Biggest Data Migration Fail in History?

Some are wondering whether we have just witnessed the biggest data migration fail in history after it was revealed earlier this week that MySpace lost 12 years worth of photos, videos and audio files on its site. While there is some speculation that this was due to poor data management techniques, the former social media giant is saying that a bad server migration caused the data loss. The incident may wind up being responsible for the disappearance of some 50 million files.

Data migration is a process where data is transferred between storage types, formats, data architectures and enterprise systems. It refers to the movement of data already stored internally to different systems. Companies will typically migrate data when implementing a new system or merging to a new environment. Migration techniques are often performed by a set of programs or automated scripts that automatically transfer data.

MySpace was the most visited site in the United States as recently as 2006, and while it’s been some time since it was last relevant on a grand scale, this event does raise important questions about the state of data protection. It also pairs with concerns surrounding data privacy and how or if compliance regulations could have prevented this from happening in the first place.

We’re curious as to what compilation of software MySpace used during its failed migration, and one also has to wonder whether the Specific Media-owned company had a backup and disaster recovery solution in place. Our guess is that they didn’t based on their comments, but we can’t be sure. Regardless, it seems as though MySpace could have benefited from reading the best practices sections of our data integration and data management sites in an attempt to avoid this catastrophe. Be sure to stay tuned, and if any more information is revealed we will definitely provide commentary.

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