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The 4 Best Cloud Migration Software Tools to Consider

The 4 Best Cloud Migration Software Tools to Consider

The 4 Best Cloud Migration Software Tools to Consider

Part of selecting the best cloud migration software tools for your organization is making sure it aligns to business objectives. There a wide variety of great cloud migration tools out there that focus on a specific use case or niche in the market. However, just because a specific set of capabilities works for one organization does not necessarily mean it will make do for another. The first step in the vendor selection process is to identify those providers whom offer products for your environment specifically. This ensures the best-fit and an excellent launch point for future deployments.

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One place to begin your search for the best cloud migration software is G2 Crowd, a technology research site in the mold of Gartner, Inc. that is backed by more than 400,000 user reviews. G2 provides a handy Crowd Grid for EDI that is broken down by deployment size and includes small business and the mid-market. This is an excellent starting point to purchasing the right solution and one we definitely recommend. The standings rotate on a rolling basis so check back often if you are in-market. These are the four cloud migration software tools included in G2’s Crowd Grid that we think you should consider first.


The Salesforce Service Cloud offers a wide variety of integrations that allow organizations to migrate their data and applications to the cloud. Salesforce starts by examining the data, and the APPExchange handles simple migrations quickly. It also offers a way for users to migrate core data and metadata from your existing instances to your new Service Cloud instance.


Carbonite Migrate allows organizations to migrate physical, virtual and cloud workloads to and from any environment with minimal downtime. The product provides options for automation that include continuous replication and unlimited testing of the new environment. Migrate enables the administrator to select the source and target servers through the console. Once initiated, Carbonite performs a mirror of the data, applications, or complete server to begin synchronization.


StarfishETL integrates ERP, marketing automation, social media, email, and even obscure systems with your CRM. Its framework supports projects of every size and complexity with cloud, on-prem and hybrid capabilities. It also offers data management, backup and data cleansing functionality to prevent hacking, systems outages and other unforeseeable events. StarfishETL was founded in 2011 and is headquartered in Greater Chicago.


Actian offers data integration software in on-prem and cloud editions, DataConnect and DataCloud. DataConnect is a hybrid solution that enables users to design, deploy, and manage integrations without limits on data types or volumes. Actian Cloud is an elastic platform for deploying and managing hybrid, on-prem, or cloud-to-cloud integrations in an on-demand services platform that is powered by Amazon Web Services. Actian obtained its cloud integration capabilities through its merger with Pervasive Software in 2013.

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