Enterprise iPaaS: Cloud Integration Platform Must-Haves

This webinar, courtesy of the folks at SnapLogic outlines the most important features that enterprise organizations should be seeking when looking for an integration platform as a service. The top features include ease of use, flexibility, functionality, and cloud-based architecture. There is additional commentary by Bryant Pham Xactly as well, one of SnapLogic’s iPaaS customers.

The presentation highlights the process Xactly endured in selecting their Integration platform, covering the challenges that currently impact enterprise integration, such as:

  • Big Data and Analytics
  • Disconnected SaaS Silos
  • API Proliferation
  • The Internet of Things

And it never happened unless Gartner has interjected, am I right? The technology research giant said of Integration Platform as a Service: “[iPaaS] is an emerging, cloud-based way for directors of integration to deliver integration platform capabilities.”

And while we fully disclose that there is some SnapLogic promotion in this presentation, there is a lot of really good information here. If your organization is on the hunt for an integration as a service platform, this may be a good place to start.

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