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Fivetran Adds New OEM Embedding to Powered by Fivetran Service

Fivetran Adds New OEM Embedding to Powered by Fivetran Service
Fivetran Adds New OEM Embedding to Powered by Fivetran Service

Source: Fivetran

Fivetran recently announced new functionalities and a feature enhancement to its Powered by Fivetran managed service offering, according to a press release. The update brings new improvements to the tool’s REST API, including support for a custom-branded OEM integration designed for product teams that want to embed Fivetran while maintaining the look and feel of the native application. The announcement comes on the heels of Fivetran’s January release of IBM, Oracle and SAP connectors.

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Fivetran offers a data replication platform with standardized schemas. The product requires no coding or maintenance, and pre-made connectors adjust to schema changes automatically. Pipelines can be set up in as little as five minutes by authenticating your sources and data warehouse. Users can trigger automated transformations via a modern and scalable computing infrastructure without configuration as well.

Powered by Fivetran now touts new OAuth token support for connectors that enable them to receive an OAuth token directly from a customer’s application and form a connection between an end-user data source and Fivetran, with no Connect Card required. According to Fivetran “This means product teams can use the functionality of Fivetran to onboard customer data while maintaining complete control over the look and feel of their app’s user experience.” With the new OAuth token functionality, the product includes two OEM offerings.

In a media statement on the news, Fivetran Director of Product Management Alexa Maturana-Lowe said “Powered by Fivetran solves a data problem faced by many product teams, data consultancies and marketing agencies — how do we easily and securely connect to data from our customers, partners and other external groups. The Powered by Fivetran offering remains a major focus for our product team. We’re proud to evolve it with new functionalities that will help us better serve our customers and save them valuable time.”

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