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Fivetran Releases New Data Connectors for IBM, Oracle and SAP

Fivetran Releases New Data Connectors for IBM, Oracle and SAP
Fivetran Releases New Data Connectors for IBM, Oracle and SAP

Source: Fivetran

Fivetran announced a new suite of data connectors for IBM, Oracle, and SAP in a press release on the company’s website. The pre-built connectors add to the more than 150 already maintained by Fivetran. Specifically, Fivetran now manages data integration for enterprise databases like IBM Db2 on Linux, Unix, and Windows, as well as SAP HANA. Fivetran data connectors feature end-to-end automated replication capabilities such as managed maintenance, automatic schema management, failure recovery, and incremental updates.

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Fivetran offers a data replication platform with standardized schemas. The product requires no coding or maintenance, and pre-made connectors adjust to schema changes automatically. Pipelines can be set up in as little as five minutes by authenticating your sources and data warehouse. Users can trigger automated transformations via a modern and scalable computing infrastructure without configuration as well.

In June, Fivetran unveiled Transformations, a tool that brings fail-safe data transformations to the company’s automated data pipeline solution. Transformations offer everything needed to orchestrate SQL-based transformations in the data warehouse, effectively putting an automated transformation tool inside the warehouse. The data integration software provider also launched a managed service product shortly after.

In a media statement about the news, Fivetran Vice President of Product Fraser Harris said “Enterprise data teams just don’t have the time to build, manage and maintain the enormous number of data integrations that are being requested. We see it as our mission at Fivetran to eliminate this burden, freeing up invaluable time by providing an extensive library of easy-to-use, fully managed and maintained data connectors. Because we observe tens of thousands of customer connector configurations and manage more than one million syncs daily, we’re able to apply our insight and continuous pipeline optimizations across all of our 1600-plus customers, providing added value for all.”

Fivetran data connectors are available now and enterprise customers can add them via a free trial.

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