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Fivetran Launches New Powered by Fivetran Managed Service Product

Fivetran Launches New Powered by Fivetran Managed Service Product
Fivetran Launches New Powered by Fivetran Managed Service Product

Source: Fivetran

Fivetran has announced the launch of Powered by Fivetran, a new managed service product that enables organizations to build custom data experiences on top of the Fivetran infrastructure. Powered is composed of a collection of REST APIs, automated data connectors (for 150+ data sources), and an embeddable interface for users. Powered by Fivetran helps customers reduce the time required to deliver analytic applications. The news comes on the heels of Fivetran’s release of Fivetran Transformations with in-Warehouse Data Change.

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Fivetran offers a data replication platform with standardized schemas. The product requires no coding or maintenance, and pre-made connectors adjust to schema changes automatically. Pipelines can be set up in as little as five minutes by authenticating your sources and data warehouse. Users can trigger automated transformations via a modern and scalable computing infrastructure without configuration as well.

As part of the Powered by Fivetran release, the vendor is expanding the functionality of its APIs so customers can embed every connector in the Fivetran connector portfolio. The Destination Management API lets companies control the data replication destination, while a new Group Management API helps to manage individual user sources and destinations within the platform. The entire data integration process is managed and supported by Fivetran global customer support.

Once the analytic application is deployed, end-users turn on new sources of data by interacting with embedded configuration forms called Connect Cards for each supported source applications. User credentials are passed directly to Fivetran via an HTTPS connection using TLS 1.2 and are stored on Fivetran servers.

In a statement to Solutions Review, the company’s Vice President of Strategic Alliances said: “With Powered by Fivetran, companies no longer have to worry about how to access data. It enables them to enhance their data insight offerings and deliver even more value. Instead of spending time building multiple data pipelines, users can focus on their own areas of expertise — providing more informed insights and optimal business decisions for their customers.”

Read Speed Up Development With Powered by Fivetran in the company’s blog.

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