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Hortonworks & Syncsort Team Up to Optimize ETL for Hadoop


In a joint press release this week, Hortonworks and Syncsort announced that they would expand their partnership to deliver an integrated solution to help users migrate data onto Hortonworks Data Platform with quickness and ease. As part of the agreement, Hortonworks will begin reselling Syncsort’s DMX-h for onboarding ETL processing inside Hadoop. The partnership will provide one trusted solution for those looking to integrate legacy ETL flows into connected data platforms.

Connected data platforms are cornerstones in many of today’s modern data and analytics architectures, and onboarding data from outside systems is a key factor in this. Deploying ETL processing that originates inside legacy systems can be resource intensive and time consuming, so the combination of HDP and DMX-h will enable data from traditional legact systems like mainframes to be onboarded into Hadoop in any format. This allows for the data to be easily understood for use with analytics. This integration requires no complex processing or mapping rewrites, giving customers the ability to quickly migrate vital data into a cluster while retaining quality.

Scott Gnau, Chief Technology Officer at Hortonworks adds: “Our Connected Data Platforms are the core of a modern data architecture and customers want to get as much of their data as possible under management in HDP to maximize their analytics capability. We are constantly looking for ways to improve the customer experience, and this partnership will reduce the cost and time of ETL onboarding to HDP while enabling faster time to value for integrated analytics.”

Syncsort released DMX-h back in March, for the first time allowing customers to work with mainframe data inside Hadoop in its native format, functionality that is essential for maintaining lineage and compliance.

Hortonworks will begin reselling Syncsort DMX-h sometime this quarter.

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