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Jitterbit Launches Suite of Integration Process Templates EX API360

Jitterbit Launches Suite of Integration Process Templates EX API360
Jitterbit Launches Suite of Integration Process Templates EX API360

Source: Jitterbit

Jitterbit has announced a new suite of Employee 360 solutions called EX API360, according to a press release on the company’s website. Jitterbit EX API360 solutions are use case-driven integration process templates and best practices designed to assist with HR management across the employee lifecycle. The new release builds on Jitterbit’s API360 framework announced in June to integrate key applications, services, and platforms for applicant tracking, onboarding, expense management, and employee compensation.

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Jitterbit EX API360 solutions provide a consumer-grade experience for employers and employees. The tools help organizations to establish fast, effective integration strategies that synchronize employment-related data and processes through pre-packaged and reusable process templates. Jitterbit’s pre-built process templates hasten automatic connections to commonly used objects, fields, and processes across business applications.

The Jitterbit API Integration platform includes a number of EX API360 process templates, such as Workday integration with ServiceNow, NetSuite, and Salesforce for employee onboarding and offboarding automation, Coupa for expense management integration, and ServiceNow to automate human capital management and IT services management.

In a media statement about the news, Jitterbit Senior Vice President of Partner Development Ron Wastal said “Employee 360 is vital to organizations of all types because it automates the flow of data around the everyday processes handled by both employees and the HR teams that support them. Jitterbit has made it even easier for businesses to leverage these integrations by pre-packaging the flow of data around key systems that house and manage employee data across various stages of the employee journey. As a result, everyone can leverage these efficiencies to be more productive and engaged in their job requirements, which leads to increased morale.”

Learn more in the blog Why a Best-in-class Employee Experience Requires Effective HR Data Management by Jitterbit Director of Product Marketing Greg Belkin.

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