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Jitterbit Unveils New Integration Marketplace and Resource Hub

Jitterbit Unveils New Integration Marketplace and Resource Hub
Jitterbit Unveils New Integration Marketplace and Resource Hub

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Jitterbit recently announced Jitterbit Marketplace, a new solution and expertise marketplace where vendors can provide customers with Jitterbit-certified resources. The marketplace includes Application Connectors, Integration Recipes, Process Templates, and related delivery services for implementing API integration solutions. At launch, Jitterbit Marketplace touts more than 200 solutions assets and over 20 Jitterbit-certigi9ed service providers to choose from.

Our Buyer’s Guide for Data Integration Tools helps you evaluate the best solution for your use case and features profiles of the leading providers, as well as a category overview of the marketplace.

Jitterbit offers cloud data integration and API transformation capabilities. The company’s main product, Jitterbit Harmony, allows organizations to design, deploy, and manage the entire integration lifecycle. The platform features a graphical interface for guided drag-and-drop configuration, integration via pre-built templates, and the ability to infuse applications with artificial intelligence. Users can run the tool in cloud, hybrid, or on-prem environments, and feed consolidated data to real-time analytics.

Key features of Jitterbit Marketplace include faster access to a more complete and vertically tailored set of connectors, fully certified solutions, multiple ways to build and verify solutions, and professional proven expertise to implement solutions in ways that provide the most business value.

In a media statement on the news, Jitterbit Senior Vice President of Partner Development, Channels and Alliances Ron Wastal said “API integrations are historically done by vendors or solution consultants that code them as one-offs, but the new Jitterbit Marketplace changes that.   We want our ecosystem to build on top of our platform and create repeatable integrations that benefit end-users.”

This release comes on the heels of the company’s January EX API360 release, which are use case-driven integration process templates and best practices designed to assist with HR management across the employee lifecycle. Jitterbit EX API360 solutions provide a consumer-grade experience for employers and employees. The tools help organizations to establish fast, effective integration strategies that synchronize employment-related data and processes through pre-packaged and reusable process templates.

Visit the Jitterbit Marketplace to learn more.

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