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Liaison Technologies and Gartner Reveal New Data Integration Resource

Liaison Technologies and Gartner Reveal New Data Integration Resource

Liaison Technologies and Gartner Reveal New Data Integration Resource

Liaison Technologies recently launched an educational microsite underscoring the need for a new approach to push Data Integration tools beyond the basics. The new resource aims to help enterprises evolve Data Integration and Data Management capabilities to unlock the  true value of data. The microsite features Gartner’s proprietary research. Liaison believes that a new approach to Data Integration and management is needed, and presents multiple takeaways based on Gartner’s findings, including the benefits of cloud-based solutions compared to traditional on-site options.

Liaison used the research to cite best practices for information leaders who are responsible for integrating data inside their organizations. The microsite features an extensive array of content and resources to help stakeholders investigate more modern, forward-thinking data delivery styles and systems, evaluate their current integration roadmap and assess other options to find scalable tools that can help them move the needle.

Liaison recommends enterprises to extend their integration and management capabilities for the future by adopting tools that provide the functionality of PaaS at the point of analysis without encumbering users with the particulars of the underlying data capture, integration or management functionalities.

Liaison’s President and CEO Bob Renner speaks to the launch of this new resource: “Companies increasingly recognize that data is not only the new currency of business, but is also the central driver of strategy and transformation. Data can fundamentally change the way companies operate and spur innovation to new heights. But before that can happen, information leaders will have to find a better way to integrate, manage and apply the growing amounts and types of data now available to their enterprises. This microsite can help IT leaders understand where they are now and what next steps they can take to realize their data-inspired future.”

Be sure to visit Liaison’s new Data Integration resource, and while you’re at it, see what else Gartner has to stay about the state of integration in the enterprise.

Read the full press release.

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