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MuleSoft Composer is the First Salesforce UI-Embedded Integration Tool

MuleSoft Composer is the First Salesforce UI-Embedded Integration Tool
MuleSoft Composer is the First Salesforce UI-Embedded Integration Tool

Source: MuleSoft

MuleSoft announced the release of MuleSoft Composer, a new solution designed to connect apps and data to Salesforce for faster connected experiences. MuleSoft Composer is the first generally available Composer solution according to the vendor, and is built atop the company’s popular Anypoint Platform. It’s also the first integration solution embedded in the Salesforce UI. Composer does not require users to write code. Salesforce acquired MuleSoft in March 2018.

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MuleSoft offers an application delivery network that connects data, applications, and devices with APIs. The vendor enables organizations to improve their applications through integration while also providing API connectivity to a wide variety of on-prem and cloud-based applications and systems. MuleSoft provides both traditional and Integration Platform as a Service products and touts a growing capabilities portfolio.

MuleSoft Composer automates the integration to common systems directly in Salesforce. The solution touts a collection of pre-built connectors for NetSuite, Salesforce, Workday, Slack, Google Sheets and Tableau. The offering also enables business teams to streamline sales operations by building automated workflows, foster team collaboration through sharing reports and other documentation, and enhance the employee experience by automatically updating employee profiles and payroll attributes across Workday, NetSuite and Salesforce.

In a media statement on the news, MuleSoft CPO Meir Amiel said “Across every business function and industry, our customers are reimagining their customer, employee, partner and product experiences. MuleSoft Composer will continue to expand our vision to help companies realize speed, agility and efficiency by empowering anyone – from IT to now business – to unlock apps and data with clicks, not code, and without losing security and governance.”

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