MuleSoft Extends Network Application Graphs in New Anypoint Platform

MuleSoft Extends Network Application Graphs in New Anypoint Platform

Source: MuleSoft

MuleSoft has announced the next major release of its Anypoint Platform, featuring new application network graph capabilities. The graph contains metadata of each application network, its components and its operational characteristics. The new release enables organizations to utilize machine learning, get real-time information, and apply security through the application network graph embedded in the product.

The coming release (available in October) helps users take advantage of insights from the application network graph. The application networth graph is embedded in three major components of the platform – Anypoint Design Center, Anypoint Visualizer and Anypoint Monitoring. The tool’s Design Center flow designer applies machine learning to data mappings from the application network graph. In addition, Anypoint Visualizer automatically builds a holistic view of an organization’s APIs and integrations using knowledge from the graph. The offering also includes an expanded suite of API management policies.

In a statement to Solutions Review, the company’s Director of Product Management Andrew Bragdon said: “The application network graph can include a catalog of APIs and their various versions and the developers that are authorized to access those versions, and the applications that are consuming the various versions of the APIs as well. With this knowledge and the application network graph embedded in Anypoint Platform, organizations can gain context-driven insights and recommendations, such as downstream systems that would be impacted if a user updated an API or what is the best way to map to different systems is or what users can do to increase operational reliability.”

Salesforce announced in March that it had agreed to acquire MuleSoft in a deal worth $6.5 billion. MuleSoft spent little more than a year as a public entity, filing for its IPO on March 17 of 2017. Founded in 2006, the company raised nearly $260 million in venture capital with its latest round coming in May of 2015. Constellation Research named MuleSoft one of 6 Integration Platform as a Service Vendors to Know in February.

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