Paxata Adds Single-Click Data Profiling and Spark-Based Ingest to Spring ’18 Release

Paxata Adds Single-Click Data Profiling and Spark-Based Ingest to Spring '18 Release

Source: Paxata

Paxata recently announced the Spring ’18 version of its Adaptive Information Platform. The announcement was made at the Gartner Data & Analytics Summit. The release is highlighted by new enhancements that include one-click profiling, rapid data onboarding, and multi-tenancy capabilities.

One-Click Data Profiling creates a detailed data quality scorecard and detects fuzzy matches, data type distribution, and string patterns. The Spark-based ingest works across multiple clusters and leverages Spark parallel engine and Spark SQL for push-down processing. It was designed for very large data sets such as IoT and large transaction volumes.

Multi-tenancy for hybrid and multi-cloud deployments enables cross-team/cross-geo collaboration by allowing multiple LDAP or SAML authentication sources to access a shared tenant. It also ensures business continuity by admitting service accounts into a tenant, as well as allows OEMs to manage several tenants.

Paxata’s Chief of Product Nenshad Bardoliwalla said: “Paxata launched the self-service data prep category in 2013 with a relentless focus on combining business consumer innovation with enterprise grade capabilities.” He goes on to add: “With our latest innovations, customers are now dramatically expanding the number of use cases to accelerate their time to decision-ready information, working on significantly larger volumes of data, all while ensuring enterprise-scale governance in shared services environments.”

Paxata and the larger data preparation marketplace have really emerged in recent months. The company was recently named to Constellation Research’s Constellation ShortList for Self-Service Data Preparation. Additionally, we included Paxata amongst our 5 Data Preparation Tools Vendors to Watch back in February.

Read Paxata’s full press release, or click through to learn more.

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