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Qlik Launches Qlik Data Integration Platform with Rebranded Attunity Tools

Qlik Launches Qlik Data Integration Platform with Rebranded Attunity Tools
Qlik Launches Qlik Data Integration Platform with Rebranded Attunity Tools

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Qlik has formally announced the re-branding of Attunity’s products into the Qlik brand after it acquired the data integration provider in February. The change applies to every product line Qlik acquired as part of the deal. Attunity products are now a part of Qlik’s overall data integration product portfolio. The merger has enabled Qlik to leverage Attunity’s partner network to expand its presence in the data management software category. Qlik maintained the Attunity brand through 2019 so customers and partners could become aware of the merger.

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The Attunity product suite features a range of data integration capabilities that span four distinct product lines. The flagship product is Attunity Replicate, a tool that replicates, synchronizes, distributes, consolidates, and ingests data across all major databases, data warehouses, and Hadoop. The portfolio of Attunity products is buoyed by Attunity Compose and Attunity Visibility. Qlik also offers Attunity CloudBeam, an Integration Platform as a Service tool, which provides cloud-optimized data replication from all major on-prem sources to Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud.

Qlik will continue to support its data integration solutions independently, in heterogeneous environments, but also enables integration across the data pipeline to simplify analytics for its customers. The company will undoubtedly have more on this topic at QlikWorld, its annual user conference coming up in May.

In a media statement about the merger, Qlik’s CEO Mike Capone said: “Attunity’s strength in real-time data delivery across complex cloud environments will uniquely position Qlik to help customers lead with data and align their enterprise analytics strategy. Attunity has demonstrated strong growth in a large market and together we’re better positioned to serve our enterprise customers along with our partner ecosystem to solve the most challenging data problems.”

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