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Scribe Software Refreshes Flagship iPaaS Tool for Full-Lifecycle

Scribe Software Refreshes Flagship iPaaS Tool for Full-Lifecycle
Scribe Software Refreshes Flagship iPaaS Tool for Full-Lifecycle

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Scribe Software has announced a major update to its flagship Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) platform, Scribe Online. The new version features improvements aimed at increasing efficiency for IT and business users that integrate cloud and on-prem applications and data sources over long periods of time. Product enhancements include project accelerators and management controls so users can create, monitor and adapt integrations faster.

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Scribe Online currently serves as the embedded integration later for a wide variety of major software vendors,  Software as a Service (SaaS) providers, systems integrators, resellers, and digital marketing firms.

Major capabilities included in update include:

  • New user interface controls: Including support and guidance for users that increases efficiency of drag-and-drop and speeds complex integrations development
  • New performance statistics: Users can view them in the Scribe execution history interface so that users can identify performance bottlenecks and optimize the speed of their integrations
  • Improvement management dashboard: Provides users insight into the health of integrations so they can determine which ones require attention. Dashboard also offers unified view into all integrations with alerting so managers gain an early warning of potential integration, application or network issues

In a statement, the company’s CEO Shawn McGowan added: “IT organizations are looking to upgrade their data and application toolsets to fast-moving tools that allow them to connect cloud applications as quickly as they are purchased, and manage hundreds or even thousands of integrations. We’re committed to meeting that challenge for enterprises by transforming how integration is done, making integration more approachable, collaborative and maintainable so more users can address the integration workload and organizations can connect all their applications with fewer headaches.

Scribe made a sneaky horizontal play in Gartner’s most recent Magic Quadrant for Integration Platform as a Service tools, 2017. Now with a position very close to the epicenter of the diagram, they’re a good bet to see upgraded market standing in the year ahead.

Read the press release.

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