Security and Privacy are the Biggest Cloud Data Migration Challenges

Security and Privacy are the Biggest Cloud Data Migration Challenges

According to new research by data virtualization provider Denodo, security and privacy are the biggest cloud data migration challenges. The Denodo Global Cloud Survey 2019 is the result of feedback from more than 200 business executives and IT professionals. While cloud adoption is on the rise — 36 percent of those polled are currently in the midst of migrating to the cloud — security remains the top challenge. In fact, more than 50 percent of the survey’s respondents cited security as their chief concern with cloud computing.

As a result, governance in the cloud and data management have become paramount to modern data and analytics leaders. Vertical-specific organizations have to deal with the growing number of local, national and even international compliance and regulatory mandates as well. Though the emergence of AI and machine learning are helping to move some of these processes forward, those organizations struggling with cloud data migration in the first place are less likely to have technology solutions in place to assist them.

Data security and privacy aren’t the only issues staring down organizations interested in migrating to the cloud. Cost management is another biggie, with companies continuously struggling to get a handle on their total cloud spend. The availability of cloud skills is another, as a move to the cloud requires specialized talent in some scenarios, especially when it’s a new concept within an organization.

There are a number of different cloud migration approaches, with each being tied to factors like the availability of cloud skills and cost. Application migration can pose significant risk and often requires application refactoring or they could consume more than their share of  an organization’s cloud resources. As such, cloud-optimized workloads that can be re-factored produce more scalability and reduced cost and operational requirements. Re-factoring requires the proper planning though, and 40 percent of those polled said they would need to do this to take advantage of the cloud in the future.

As we’ve seen recently with what some are calling the biggest data migration fail in history, security and privacy concerns are well-founded. Organizations are recommended to have a comprehensive plan in place, and viable technology partners to go along with it.

We encourage you to read the report for yourself here.

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