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SnapLogic Unveils Latest Version of Fast Data Loader Tool

SnapLogic Unveils Latest Version of Fast Data Loader
SnapLogic Unveils Latest Version of Fast Data Loader

Source: SnapLogic

SnapLpogic recently announced the latest release of its Fast Data Loader, a tool that makes it easy for data workers to load data into a cloud data warehouse. The solution lets users can quickly load data from SaaS applications such as Salesforce, ServiceNow, and Coupa, as well as cloud databases including Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server into a cloud data warehouse such as Amazon Redshift, Snowflake, or SAP Data Warehouse Cloud. There is no coding required.

Our Buyer’s Guide for Data Integration Tools helps you evaluate the best solution for your use case and features profiles of the leading providers, as well as a category overview of the marketplace.

SnapLogic’s Intelligent Integration Platform provides integration across applications, databases, data warehouses, big data streams, and IoT deployments. It allows both IT and business users to create data pipelines that can be deployed on-prem or in the cloud. The platform features an HTML5 visual designer and a proprietary AI algorithm called Iris that learns common integration patterns and drives self-service by recommending flows.

A part of SnapLogic’s recent May 2021 platform update, Fast Data loader touts a new user interface that features a three-step process for connecting data sources and targets, presenting only relevant information at each stage. A new dashboard brings a centralized way to monitor and manage existing data loads. Users authorized for SnapLogic’s Intelligent Integration platform and the data loader can switch between the products with ease as well.

In a media statement on the news, SnapLogic CTO Craig Stewart said: “Cloud data warehouses are crucial to building a robust and modern analytics stack, however data loading from multiple sources can be slow and challenging and is holding enterprises back. The latest release of the SnapLogic Fast Data Loader helps users overcome these challenges so they can more quickly access the data to develop the analytics and insights they need to better engage customers, kickstart new product initiatives, and improve sales efficiency.”

You can sign up for the SnapLogic Fast Data Loader now or watch Fast Data Loader – May 2021 Release Update on YouTube to learn more.

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