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Syncsort Merges Flagship Integration Tool with Trillium Data Quality

Syncsort Merges Flagship Integration Tool with Trillium Data Quality
Syncsort Merges Flagship Integration Tool with Trillium Data Quality

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Syncsort recently announced Trillium Quality for Big Data. The solution integrates the vendor’s existing Intelligent Execution capabilities with Trillium’s data quality functionality. Syncsort acquired Trillium in late 2016. The crux of the merged offering is continuous improvement of data quality of data sets stored and processed in data lakes. The tool enables enterprise users to create a unified view of company-wide data lake information in big data compute frameworks on-prem or in the cloud.

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Noteworthy benefits to the platform include the following:

  • Data matching that utilizes matching algorithms to achieve a single view of customer and enterprise data
  • Data enrichment that works with worldwide country templates, postal directories and geocoding
  • Flexible data lake deployment that’s made possible by the Intelligent Execution engine to support both new and existing Trillium projects across Hadoop MapReduce and Spark
  • Ease of use that enables local development and testing of data quality projects through a graphical UI
  • Available on all Hadoop distributions including Cloudera CDH, Hortonworks HDP and MapR, and deploys and installs via both Cloudera Manager and Apache Ambari

In a statement to Solutions Review, the company’s Vice President of Product Management Keith Kohl added: “Customers populating data lakes with enterprise-wide data, including hard to access and complex legacy data, are doing so for use cases that absolutely require data integrity, quality and completeness. I can’t stress how important this is in initiatives like fraud detection, MDM, analytics and getting a customer 360 view. The Trillium Quality for Big Data platform combined with DMX-h, our data integration product, improves the data stored and processed in both big data compute frameworks and enhances the quality of data.”

Syncsort will be showing off Trillium Quality for Big Data at Strata in NYC from September 26-28, 2017 (booth #715).

Read the official release.

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