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Tamr Releases COVID-19 Spend and Supply Chain Data Can Help Tools

Tamr Releases COVID-19 Spend and Supply Chain Data Can Help Tools
Tamr Releases COVID-19 Spend and Supply Chain Data Can Help Tools

Source: Tamr

Tamr recently announced the launch of a collection of Data Can Help solutions aimed at assisting organizations during the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic. The tools are available in two flavors, and layer real-time data on the impact of COVID-19 worldwide on top organizations’ supply chain and spend data. As part of the solution, Tamr will deliver up to five analytics-ready datasets for data visualization software so users can make better spend and supply chain decisions.

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Tamr offers a machine learning-based data integration product called Unify. The solution allows organizations to connect to any tabular data and publish it anywhere. Users can map schemas with machine learning suggestions and normalize data formats using Spark and SQL. Tamr’s Master Records feature provides a complete view of all entities via simple yes and no questions as well.

Data Can Help for Spend Analytics and Procurement allows companies to identify opportunities by mastering and categorizing a variety of direct and indirect spend datasets. Data Can Help for Supply Chain Risk and Planning enables mastering of global supply chain data from varied datasets and ERP systems alongside global COVID-19 impact data to better anticipate closure impacts and identify alternate suppliers.

Interested parties can master enterprise data on spend and suppliers for six months using Tamr’s hosted data mastering. Tamr will reconcile business data with public data on COVID-19 outbreaks and lockdowns, as well as help organizations classify their spend at a starting price of $50,000 USD.

In a media statement about the launch, Tamr co-founder and CEO Andy Palmer said: “The COVID-19 pandemic has strained organizations in ways many were not prepared to handle. This economic climate demands efficient, nimble operations and data is the key to unlocking that productivity. At Tamr, we are helping enterprises make data-informed decisions that help them address issues today and in the months to come, using our data mastering technology and our new “Data Can Help” solutions.”

Learn more about Tamr’s Data Can Help solutions.

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