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Unifi Software Unveils its New Unifi Data Cataloging Platform

Unifi Software Unveils its New Unifi Data Cataloging Platform
Unifi Software Unveils its New Unifi Data Cataloging Platform

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Unifi Software recently announced the release of its Unifi Data Catalog with natural language search, collaboration for crowd-sourced data quality and comprehensive governance and security. The product is purpose-built for on-prem deployments, and helps business users search, discover, catalog and interact with colleagues around data. The announcements were made at Tableau’s annual user conference, happening now in New Orleans.

Unifi’s data catalog provides user the ability to easily search and discover data regardless of where it lives and irrespective of its structure using natural language search. It also includes AI-powered data discovery out-of-box with auto-generated recommendations so users can view and explore datasets. Unifi also enables users to deconstruct TWBX files and see the fill lineage of a data source to see how datasets were transformed.

In a media statement, the company’s CEO Rob Carlson said: “A data catalog is the key starting point for any company’s self-service data journey and its always been a major component to our platform. Now as a standalone offering we can deliver those same unprecedented views and knowledge of data for very little capital investment. Enabling self-service access to data is the way forward for any company that desires to differentiate itself.”

The announcement comes after the company’s June platform update that saw Unifi extend its AI and natural language processing capabilities. The Unifi Data Platform features a proprietary AI engine called OneMindTM that learns to predict patterns and recommends datasets to users based on user engagement across the platform.

Unifi Data Catalog users may upgrade to the Unifi Data Platform at any time.

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