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Qubole Releases New Serverless Database Engine Called Quantum

Qubole Releases New Serverless Database Engine Called Quantum
Qubole Releases New Serverless Database Engine Called Quantum

Source: Qubole

Qubole has released a new serverless engine called Quantum. Qubole Quantum enables data analysts to query large data volumes using standards-compliant SQL without the need to configure and manage the underlying infrastructure. Since Quantum is serverless, users pay only for the queries they run on object stores or data lakes on AWS.

Quantum is headlined by Intelligent Query Management, featuring reliable query execution through a patent-pending algorithm to estimate and allocate resources. There’s also support for custom metastores that use Qubole’s built-in metastore or an organization’s preferred cloud metastore (there is no need to recreate schemas). Users can switch between managed and serverless mode as needed, and automatically scale Quantum up, down or out to match workload and SLA requirements as well.

Qubole’s flagship data management product is its Autonomous Data Platform, a solution that self-manages and self-optimizes by sending alerts and Insights and Recommendations (AIR) based on cloud agents connected to the customer’s data policies and preferences. Qubole uses a combination of heuristics and machine learning for workload continuity as well.

In a media statement, the company’s co-founder and CEO Ashish Thusoo said of the news: “While serverless is still in the nascent stages of adoption, we know its value, so we have been providing simplification and optimal choice to our customers and partners. Quantum is yet another step in this direction, delivering a self-service way to query their big data on the cloud of their choice, instantly.”

For more technical detail, as well as an introduction of Qubole Quantum, click here.

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