The Power of ERP on Salesforce


As the Salesforce Platform has matured, it has become about more than just sales. By using Salesforce-native customer service apps, HR tools, and ERP systems, businesses have been able to multiply the benefits they earn from the platform. Accounting solutions and other ERP tools especially make a perfect fit: Instead of hitting a wall when the deal closes, your customer data can continue on its path through service delivery and customer success, invoicing and billing, and revenue recognition and renewal. Some businesses have tried to reap these benefits through rough integrations between old ERP systems and Salesforce, but nothing is smarter or more effective than using an ERP solution built on the platform itself. For Salesforce users, it’s a no-brainer.

Even better: the Salesforce Platform gets better and better every year with thousands of improvements to usability through the Lightning UX, intelligence and analytics with Salesforce Einstein, mobile and security upgrades, and more. So it’s not just your CRM that gets more powerful every year, but your ERP too. We created this ebook to detail a dozen of the most important and most immediate benefits organizations will experience by using an ERP built on the Salesforce Platform.

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