Mobility and ERP: A Recipe for Success

Mobility and ERP: A Recipe for Success

Mobility has become a popular trend that includes a variety of benefits for an organization, as well as the workers and individuals themselves. Enterprise systems, networks, and security all need to keep up in order to accommodate the growth of mobility in a safe and effective manner. 

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems have generally been accessible remotely through a laptop or desktop. However, there is now a huge demand for ERP systems to be available across the board on all mobile devices. This demand can lead to greater productivity, better customer service and improved data capturing, not to mention easy access from nearly any location.

The values of mobile ERP will strengthen client relationships and give your business a distinct competitive advantage. Other benefits include:

Higher Productivity

Many people choose to do work outside of normal business hours and on weekends, while others might be traveling between destinations or waiting at the airport. By allowing remote employees access to the ERP system, they will be able to utilize their time in a more productive fashion. Communicating with the internal enterprise systems can only lead to greater efficiencies and caters to the flexibility demanded by many workers. It only makes sense to allow and encourage this, right?

When an employee returns to work or their desk, there is no catching up necessary, as they have been keeping themselves and the ERP system up to date along the way. This also means internal reports are accurate in real-time, instead of lagging hours or even days behind.

Cloud-based ERP systems go hand in hand with the rise of bring-your-own-device (BOYD) policies, and their impact on workplace productivity.

Greater Customer Service

Having the necessary tools on hand to access real-time, relevant information whenever and wherever needed can help enable employees to provide better service to the customer and user. Employing mobile ERP will speed up workflows and informational exchanges.

Improved Data Capture

By eliminating the repetitive process of capturing data in the field only to have to re-enter it when back in the office will not only speed up the entire process, but will also reduce errors. This can save an enormous amount of time and minimize the overall opportunity for redundant errors. It also means that the system is constantly updated and reports are in real-time.

Stronger Client Relationships

The improved flow of information and data, faster response times and improved customer service will lead to improvements in business relationships.

Enhanced Reporting

Having access to accurate, up-to-date information and reporting will enable business leaders to make better decisions based on the availability of data and the improved relevance of it. This will also assist in spotting opportunities as well as identifying potential threats.

Competitive Advantage

As ERP systems become the main hub for information, communication and workflows, real-time accessibility will become crucial to a business’s success. All of the benefits of mobile ERP mentioned above will combine to give your company an advantage if a mobile ERP system is implemented and used effectively.

Keep in mind the risks and limitations that come with a mobile ERP system, because although the advantages of embracing mobility are obvious, it does pose a few challenges that need to be considered before implementing.

Security is the perfect example. This is always one of the main concerns when it comes to mobility. While it’s important to control security, this task become more difficult with more devices being added on the network. More access points to the system means the risk of mobile devices falling into the wrong hands or being compromised by a virus or malware.

The IT department will lose a certain amount of control and some responsibility will have to be shifted onto the individuals. With the correct protection and sufficient checks and balances however, this risk is completely manageable – just as it is internally. Before allowing employees to use mobile devices to access an ERP, identify vulnerabilities in your security system and update accordingly to stay on top of cyber safety.

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