Mobility and ERP: A Recipe for Success

Mobility and ERP: A Recipe for Success

Mobility has become a popular trend within the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) space that includes a variety of benefits for an organization, as well as the workers and individuals themselves. In today’s digital era, enterprise systems and networks all need to keep up in order to accommodate the growth of mobility in an effective manner.

In the past, ERP systems have generally been accessible remotely through a laptop or desktop with the data stored on hardware. However, there is now a huge demand for ERP systems and data to be available on all mobile devices. Having mobile capabilities can lead to greater productivity, better customer service and improved data capturing, not to mention easy access from nearly any location – so it’s no wonder why this demand continues to grow.

In this light and an attempt you bring you the best content within the ERP space, Solutions Review editors search the web high and low for insights that can have a real impact and help you move the needle. We often share best practices that inform IT leaders on what to do when it comes to selecting and deploying ERP software.

A recent article from Net News Ledger titled, “How Mobility Can Make Your ERP More Effective,” got us thinking about how ERP systems can benefit from mobile capabilities. We read the article, available here, and pulled out the four most important benefits.

Accurate Reporting

Having access to accurate, up-to-date information and reporting will enable business leaders to make better decisions based on the availability of data and the improved relevance of it. This will also assist in spotting opportunities as well as identifying potential threats.

Increased ERP System Productivity

Believe it or not, many people choose to do work outside of normal business hours and outside of the office. Maybe they’re waiting for their flight at the airport, or couldn’t make it into the office so they have to work from home (and forgot their laptop). Regardless of the situation, allowing employees access to the ERP system can ensure they will be able to utilize their time in a more productive way, so why not encourage that? Having access with the internal enterprise systems can only lead to greater efficiencies and caters to the flexibility demanded by many workers.

Plus when those remote workers come back from traveling or get back to the office from a work from home day, there is no catching up necessary – as they have been keeping themselves and the ERP system up to date along the way.

Cloud-based ERP systems go hand in hand with the rise of bring-your-own-device (BOYD) policies, and their impact on workplace productivity.

Improved Data Capture

Eliminating the repetitive and tedious process of capturing data in the field and recording it only to have to re-enter it when back in the office will not only speed up the entire data entry process, but will also reduce errors and data redundancy. As a result, it will save an enormous amount of time and allow employees to focus on high-priority tasks. Having mobile capabilities with data capture ensures the data will be relevant and reports in real-time.

Greater Competitive Advantage

Because ERP systems are the central point of data storage, communication and workflow management processes, real-time accessibility is crucial to a business’s success. Mobility gives you this. A mobile ERP system provides you with supply chain updates and the ability to communicate with all team members on the fly, giving your company a higher competitive advantage.

Read the full article here.

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