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Top Identity and Access Management Tools for 2015, IT Central Station

Earlier this month, IT Central Station released the 2015 edition of its yearly list of the top Identity and Access Management (IAM) tools.

IT Central Station is a crowdsourced platform created to connect enterprise professionals with peers for researching and reviewing enterprise technologies

The list is based on analysis of over 17,000 views of the top IAM tools by IT Central Station users in 2014 and Q1 of 2015. IT Central Station emphasises that all data is based on actual behavior from users researching and comparing IAM vendors.

Vendors were ranked on a combination of four factors: number of views, number of comparisons to other vendors, number of reviews, number of followers, and average rating.

Oracle, IBM and CA Technologies were the top three most popular vendors last year, and their products took the top five rankings on the list.

The two highest rated tools were Novell Identity Manager (now NetIQ Identity Manager) and Tools4ever‘s Self-Service Reset Password Management tool, with 8.6 and 8.4, respectively.

View the full infographic below, or view the original post here, and be sure to check out IT Central Station for more enterprise tech reviews.


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And watch this for the 10 Best Resources for Evaluating IAM solutions:

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