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Act! CRM Software Incorporates Marketing Automation to Help SMBs Grow

Act! CRM Software Incorporates Marketing Automation to Help SMBs Grow
Act! CRM Software Incorporates Marketing Automation to Help SMBs Grow

Source: Act! CRM

The newest iteration of CRM software Act! will incorporate marketing automation functionalities to increase lead conversion and customer retention rates for small-medium-sized businesses. Swiftpage, the provider of Act!, announced that this update will be available in North America, the UK, Australia, and New Zealand this week.

Act! is a software designed for small to medium-sized businesses aimed at improving their growth and their customer relationships with their customers and leads. Act! has traditionally focused on CRM competencies on a smaller scale

The new version of Act! features both its classic CRM tools as well as new marketing automation tools. This integration helps SMBs stay in much higher contact with prospects/customers through every step of the buyer’s journey and beyond.

The automation software added to Act! will grant users access to a small handful of automated processes. These processes are campaign management, visual workflow design to mold the customer’s journey, real-time response metrics as well as automated versions of CRM software to bridge the gap between marketing and sales. No comment has been made regarding Swiftpage adding more automation features in future updates.

“Just like big enterprises, in order to stay competitive, small businesses are always looking for ways to improve customer engagement, drive retention, and increase loyalty through repeat business. With the introduction of Act! Marketing Automation to the portfolio, we are now able to provide our customers with the ultimate toolset to drive business growth,” said  H. John Oechsle, President, and CEO of Swiftpage.

The new program will also give users access to a new sales funnel, in-context KPIs, and advanced filtering. The new Act! will also be integrated with hundreds of yet unspecified business optimization applications.

For more information about this software update or about Act! and/or Swiftpage as a whole, click here.

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