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Here’s How to Improve Your Marketing Effectiveness by Nearly 40 Percent

Here's How to Improve Your Marketing Effectiveness by Nearly 40 Percent

Here's How to Improve Your Marketing Effectiveness by Nearly 40 Percent

Holidays are always big opportunities for marketers, but Valentine’s Day isn’t usually the holiday that comes to mind when discussing that fact. According to stats released by marketing automation vendor Omnisend, marketing efforts took a positive turn last week during the run-up to the holiday. The numbers show that single channel marketing efforts were down from 2018, while multichannel efforts incorporating SMS yielded a net gain from last year.

The holiday week saw a 12.9 percent downtick in the success rates of email exclusive campaigns, per the information provided by Omnisend. This is something of a surprise, as last year’s peak orders between the 13th and 15th emboldened them to double their efforts this year.

Despite those diminished numbers, marketers found greater success with multichannel efforts. Marketers who utilized both SMS and email marketing in their campaigns saw 38 percent increases in effectiveness on average from last year.

This uptick from the preceding year indicates the growing effectiveness not only of multichannel marketing but also SMS overall. While some may debate its viability as a marketing platform, research points to a growing percentage of transactions are being completed on mobile, which makes SMS automation more viable than it’s ever been. SMS marketing also carries an immediacy that traditional email campaigns can’t really come close to achieving.

“This data shows that marketers should not rely on one channel for holiday and event promotion, as many who did not send SMS campaigns during this week saw a decrease in revenue,” said Rytis Lauris, Omnisend CEO. “Adding more channels into promotions, like SMS, diversifies marketing efforts, leading to better revenue opportunities for online sellers.”

If you’re interested in reading more about the potential for SMS marketing, check out this article. If you want to read more about this specific study conducted by Omnisend, you can find the release on it here. 

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