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Marketo Certification Exam Available for Solution Newcomers

Marketo Certification Exam Available for Solution Newcomers
Marketo Certification Exam Available for Solution Newcomers

Source: Marketo

Recently, Marketo’s department dedicated to education, Marketo University, revealed a new certification exam for clients working with their software. The Marketo Certification Associate (MCA) exam exists to ensure users have a beginner’s knowledge of Marketo. A passing grade will both provide a concrete example of an individual’s competency, as well as additional benefits.

The exam costs 95 USD, contains about 60 questions, and takes approximately 90 minutes. The minimum passing score is a 76 percent. Those exhibiting lower scores will have to take the exam again to obtain the certification. Before any attempts, Marketo recommends three to six months of regular marketing experience, 200-400 hours of Marketo software experience, and a firm grasp of concepts central to marketing and automation. Exam times can be scheduled with Webassessor.

Upon successful completion of the exam, in addition to the standard certificate of expertise, users receive exclusive access to the Marketo job board and entry to the accompanying LinkedIn group to discuss the software with their peers.

Marketo offers several resources for those looking to brush up before taking the exam, including a study guide and various instructor-led courses and simulations available through Marketo University.

The MCA joins other certification programs offered by Marketo, including their Certified Expert program for those aiming to go to the next level of Marketo expertise. The vendor also offers courses that provide a hyper-focused course in several aspects of their product, including Social Marketing, Analytics Attribution, Account-Based Marketing, Web Personalization, Customizing Creative Assets, Events and Webinars, Email Deliverability and more.

You can find out more about Marketo’s Certification Associate exam hereYou can read up on solution certifications, why they are important, and why you should consider getting certified in our previous article on them.

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