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The MyOutreach Lead Generation Services Software Vendors Should Know About

My Outreach Lead Generation Services Software Vendors Should Know About

My Outreach Lead Generation Services Software Vendors Should Know About

The editors at Solutions Review have compiled a list spotlighting some of the best lead generation services that MyOutreach uses to help tech companies get higher ROI from their demand generation campaigns.

A tech company needs the right tools and strategies to deliver a steady stream of highly qualified leads. However, capturing those leads is easier said than done, especially with the market growing more competitive and audiences becoming savvier. Successful demand-generation campaigns require more than marketing and sales resources. More often than not, it requires collaborative and strategic alignment between sales, marketing, and a third-party service provider. That’s where a company like MyOutreach can help.

With MyOutreach, growing tech companies across markets can improve how they connect with their intended audiences, capture leads from multi-faceted campaigns, and boost their internal and external successes with insights from expert IT finance, HR, legal, and customer experience decision-makers. To help companies unlock a deeper understanding of MyOutreach’s offerings, the Solutions Review editors have spotlighted some of its best lead and demand gen services.

The MyOutreach Lead Generation Services Software Vendors Should Know About

Content Syndication Campaigns

Content syndication is one of the unsung heroes in marketing. With it, companies can amplify their existing content to a broader audience, amplify their messages across multiple channels, and reach audiences that might have been unreachable otherwise. MyOutreach’s approach to content syndication uses the following process:

  • Create a target prospect list based on ideal customer profiles.
  • Engage those target prospects via email, telemarketing, display ads, and social media to introduce them to the client’s brand and assets.
  • Drive traffic to a local-language landing page where the assets are hosted. From here, visitors can opt-in for future marketing communications by exchanging their contact information for access to the purchase.
  • Validate the gathered information with lead validation software to ensure it’s authentic and accurate.
  • Route the leads directly to the client’s MAP or CRM.
  • Help the client nurture and convert those leads into valuable opportunities.

With this process, MyOutreach can dramatically increase visibility on client assets and create a steady stream of verified, GDPR-compliant, and Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs). The firm will also remove and replace rejected leads to help its clientele increase their conversion rate.

Virtual Events

Virtual events have been more important and have quickly become a staple in the marketing world. However, developing, launching, and managing these events isn’t always straightforward, which is where a company like MyOutreach can help. Their virtual event services include live and simu-live webinar registrations, on-demand webinar syndication, and fully managed webinars that allow the client to focus on engaging with their audience instead of the behind-the-scenes details.

Data Research

Alongside MyOutreach’s content syndication campaign services, a team of in-house data analysts will work with clients to provide in-depth data research that informs and directs their campaigns. These analysts will identify and collect relevant information on intended audiences, analyze existing and incoming data to provide insights and recommendations, and conduct independent market research to keep themselves up-to-date on industry trends.


Data research can be valuable to any marketing strategy, but it can go further. That’s why MyOutreach takes the data research their analysts compile and use it to develop targeted lists of potential clients, customers, and leads. Once the analysts have collected the data, they begin procuring contact information (i.e., phone numbers, email addresses, etc.), identifying intent, cleaning the data to ensure completeness, and organizing the lists into segments to help promote more effective sales and marketing outreach.

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