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Oracle’s Bronto to Update with Email Marketing Improvements

Oracle's Bronto to Update with Email Marketing Improvements
Oracle's Bronto to Update with Email Marketing Improvements

Source: Oracle

Oracle announced yesterday they plan on updating their marketing platform Bronto with streamlined emailing capabilities as well as new features to uphold the security and privacy requirements of the GDPR EU regulation.

The update, which currently has announced no release date, is designed to speed up email campaign success rates with a Jumpstart program; this is intended to rapidly grow subscription lists, drive revenue, and increase engagement among shoppers. The update also provides self-guided learning tools and additional resources to help users navigate the solution and other Oracle products.

Also announced with the update are streamlined options designed to reduce time users spend creating and monitoring campaigns. Oracle states the advanced real-time reports and the local-time messaging will also improve the marketer’s experience.

The major advertised features of the update include a focus on helping enterprises become GDPR compliant. The updated Bronto software will provide comprehensive unsubscribe/consent preferences and will allow enterprises to purge user data and easily access records for auditing.

“Rapidly changing technologies, buying behavior, business landscapes and regulatory pressures are forcing organizations of all sizes to rethink their marketing strategies,” said George Moser, GM of Oracle Bronto. “Amidst all of this change, email remains the most powerful, profitable and popular marketing channel and that’s why we continue to invest in making sophisticated email marketing easy. The latest release of the Bronto Marketing Platform builds on this commitment with new innovations to help our customers grow revenue, save time and optimize resources.”

Oracle offers a variety of cloud marketing products including and each option brings its own strengths and customization for enterprise marketing. For example, Eloqua is the B2B marketing option and Bronto is for B2C. Bronto, Eloqua, and Responsys were each acquired by Oracle.

For more information about the upcoming Bronto update, read the full press release here.

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