The 9 Best Digital Marketing Courses And Online Training For 2020

The 9 Best Digital Marketing Courses And Online Training For 2020

The editors at Solutions Review have compiled a list of the best digital marketing courses and training programs professionals and beginners alike can benefit from.

SR Finds 106When an organization begins its journey into digital marketing, it is essential to know what the best digital marketing courses available are. The right training courses will allow a team to succeed and thrive in digital marketing in a wide array of specialties. The skills taught by the best digital marketing courses go beyond the basics but dive into the specific skills and facets needed to stand out. With the current all-digital scope of the business, these courses are perhaps at their most relevant and necessary. 

That is why our editors have compiled a list of the best digital marketing training courses. A variety of resources known for their reputation and success have been featured in this list. For ease of access, we have included these courses in alphabetical order. For further guidance on the digital marketing landscape, be sure to review our list of the top 13 best digital marketing books you should read.

Note: The digital marketing courses and online training programs are listed alphabetically by the online learning platform.

Course Title: Digital Marketing Specialization

OUR TAKE: With over 14,000 ratings and a 4.6-star average rating, this course is ideal for anyone looking for a comprehensive overview of the best digital marketing tools and tricks.

Platform: Coursera

Description: A comprehensive beginner-level course offered by the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Aimed at those with no experience, the service covers marketing analytics, social media marketing, digital media formats, and industry-essential tools. Pre-recorded videos and reading materials lead students along with the courses. Quizzes and a major project act as goal points throughout the four-to-six-week curriculum. A seven-day free trial is available for this course.


Course Title: Masters in Digital Marketing

OUR TAKE: This two-year distance-learning program lives up to the promise in its title, as students who finish the course can expect to become an “expert’s expert” of digital marketing.

Platform: Digital Marketing Institute

Description: This course is a part-time, two-year program designed to provide experienced marketing and business professionals, managers, owners, and entrepreneurs who want to become true authorities in their field. The digital marketing course is split into two major parts. Part I of the program is sixty weeks in length, covers ninety hours of material, including video seminars and downloadable slides, and ends with two 5,000 word assignments. Part 2 is a 52-week program supported by mentors in the field, culminating in a 15,000-word thesis. 


Course Title: Google Analytics IQ Certification

OUR TAKE: These courses are taught by a trio of digital analytics experts and are best suited for marketing and business professionals looking to kickstart their Google Analytics expertise.

Platform: Google

Description: This analytics course aims to help newcomers find their footing in the digital world by equipping them with a general knowledge of marketing analytics. It is a free four-to-six-hour course for newcomer teams and those between careers a general 101 of marketing know-how. The course concludes with a seventy-question final examination. A Google Academy for Ads account is required to complete the course. 


Course Title: HubSpot Academy

OUR TAKE: HubSpot Academy provides an extensive collection of courses that range from quick, practical training sessions to comprehensive certifications.

Platform: HubSpot

Description: A widespread resource for digital marketers of all skill levels. There are a total of seventeen certifications available through Hubspot Academy, with multiple lessons in each category. The entire Hubspot Academy collection is available for free, but external paid-for tools are required for some of the more advanced courses. A plethora of courses of all sizes and lengths are available for the specific needs of digital marketers from all levels of expertise and demands.  


Course Title: Marketing Tools: Digital Marketing

OUR TAKE: Taught by Anson Alexander, a professional technical and business educator, this course will help students learn to navigate the digital marketing world and identify the best tools for their company’s needs.

Platform: LinkedIn Learning

Description: This LinkedIn-based course is set up on a monthly subscription basis to LinkedIn Learning and is intended for newcomers to digital marketing. The course is focused on business strategy and how to apply the most prominent tools of the trade to digital marketing into your team’s marketing campaigns. The course also helps team members decide what tools might be best for their organization’s goals while giving an educational overview of the general ecosystem of the marketing world.


Course Title: Mini-MBA in Digital Marketing

OUR TAKE: Beginner and professional marketers who sign up for this program will learn to hone their marketing strategy skills in new, innovative ways and use them to develop effective strategies for their companies.

Platform: Rutgers University

Description: Rutgers University offers a two-plan course for those looking to extend their education on digital marketing past a college level. The first, class-based option is a single-week program meant to focus on accelerated learning of focused skillsets and tools. The second self-paced option is a 12-week program meant for learners of all paces. Classes are available at many points digitally throughout the year. Self-pacing is available at any time.


Course Title: Digital Marketing Specialist Master’s Program

OUR TAKE: This online digital marketing course includes examinations of real-world projects and virtual simulations designed to equip students with the experience and skillsets they need to be job-ready.

Platform: Simplilearn Advanced

Description: An all-in-one service intended to guide marketers from newcomers to experts in the field of digital marketing. The course is meant to be completed over roughly six months, at about ten hours a week. Instructors guide students through an advanced education on digital marketing, including coverage of SEO, content marketing, social media, PPC, and digital analytics. Dozens of essential marketing tools are reviewed in this course. Planning, managing, and executing campaigns is the primary goal of this lengthy, in-detail curriculum. 


Course Title: Digital Marketing Nanodegree

OUR TAKE: Students who enroll in this part-time, three-month program will learn from experts in the field, gain real-world experience, and walk away with a 360-degree understanding of the digital marketing field.

Platform: Udacity

Description: A full-length learning experience aiming at those looking to pursue a career in digital marketing after a college education. While there is a focus on platform-specific skill honing, a more general understanding of the digital marketing ecosystem at large is introduced and provided. A wide array of essentials are covered in this system, from marketing fundamentals and search engine optimization to metric analytics and content strategy. Udacity also offers a self-study model of this Digital Marketing Nanodegree program for those looking to engage with the program on a more adjustable schedule.


Course Title: Digital Marketing Masterclass – 23 Courses in 1

OUR TAKE: With over 30 hours of on-demand videos and a collection of articles and resources, this course empowers students to learn the fundamentals of beginner and advanced marketing practices at their own pace.

Platform: Udemy

Description: This is a bundle of 23 courses by Udemy that focus on many aspects integral to digital marketing. With a focus on social media, this class focuses on the modern scope of marketing and how it can be applied to all business forms: whether you are a marketer, business owner, or YouTube personality. The bundle includes a wide range of on-demand video content, articles, and resources to help keep education running at an interactive level. This also allows students to learn and improve at their own pace.


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