The 7 Best Free And Open Source Email Marketing Software Solutions For 2021

Top 7 Free & Open Source Email Marketing Software Solutions For 2021

Solutions Review has provided this list of the best open source email marketing software solutions, chosen for accessibility and feature listings.

A great amount of modern-day marketing is done primarily or entirely through email communications. Many businesses depend on reliable automation and consistency from the best open source email marketing software solutions to succeed. These tools allow businesses to keep on top of the needs of the current marketing climate, with the customization and approachability needed to really make the experience personalized and unique for their clientele. 

Solutions Review has provided this list of the best open source email marketing software solutions on today’s market. These solutions were chosen by accessibility, customization, and feaThe 7 Best Free And Open Source Email Marketing Software Solutionsture listings. The selected software choices can be applied to a wide variety of businesses as a result. All options have been listed below in alphabetical order.

GNU MailmanGNU Mailman serves as a very convenient starter software for email marketing automation. Although the UI is very basic, its feature list is not. GNU Mailman subscriber management system enables the user to automate and schedule responses and emails to subscribers according to their businesses’ needs. The bounce management feature helps in avoiding delivery and response issues. GNU Mailman has a huge message archive system as well. Lastly, GNU Mailman is integrated alongside Google Analytics, which helps keep track of responses and issues on a daily basis. 

ListMessengerListMessenger may be one of the more simple and accessible email marketing tools out there, but being simple does not make it devoid of an array of features. It has a completely automated subscriber management system. Along with this, ListMessenger has a vast message archive system which makes it easy to manage similar responses and alerts. Subscriber history enables tracking of vital information and also helps to manage messages and campaigns accordingly.

MailChimp is an advanced email marketing software solution for businesses of all sizes. It is extremely customizable and the dashboard can be personalized according to the user’s needs. The response and alert systems are automated, with which MailChimp starts sending bulk responses to comparable sets of subscribers. Its ad management feature enables advertising over various platforms, notably both Google and Facebook. MailChimp is integrated with Google Analytics which helps track responses and subscribers daily.

MauticMautic is an email marketing software specifically aimed at small to medium-sized businesses. It has a wide range of features that automate almost all advanced functions and enable seamless functioning. The response system and task management systems are 100% automated. All of Mautic’s searches can be automated and tracked for convenience. The solution is integrated across almost all major platforms and is even mobile-friendly, which makes it extremely convenient.

OpenEMMOpenEMM is a simple, customizable email management system. Its UI is very fluid and user-friendly. It has a great bounce management system, which helps keep errors minimal. Email and link tracking help your team keep track of regular responses and alerts from subscribers. OpenEMM can import and export data and manage a huge database regarding users and subscribers. Finally, it can also help users script and personalize emails in context with the user’s needs. is an email marketing software tool that allows for seamless integration over a broad range of platforms. It is very scalable and can be used by businesses of any size. Its response and alert systems are automated, making this product very time-saving. It has a subscriber management system that helps sort, adapt, and respond to subscribers according to their activity. pHplist is fully integrated with Google Analytics, keeping you in the loop with overall activity on a daily basis. 

SendBlaster is an extremely customizable email marketing software tool. The dashboard, regular activities, and actions of the software can be personalized according to the user’s needs. The layout and the templates of emails can be edited and framed to your team’s needs. SendBlaster has a massive database of templates that are categorized according to events, responses, and subscribers. It has a very convenient campaign management system. This helps plan scheduled email and ad campaigns when needed. 

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