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The Best Email Marketing Automation Training Courses to Take

Best Email Marketing Automation Training

Best Email Marketing Automation Training

The editors at Solutions Review have compiled this list of the best email marketing automation training and online courses to consider if you want to grow your team’s skills. Solutions Review participates in affiliate programs and may make a small commission from products purchased through this resource.

Email marketing is one of the oldest and most reliably valuable tools. Even as social media continues to take ownership, email outreach remains a fundamental piece of the marketing world, especially regarding the added capabilities of email marketing automation. With automated email campaigns, companies can create personalized messages for prospects and customers that carry them through the sales pipeline without requiring hours of manual work.

If your company wants the most value from its email marketing automation capabilities, you will want to equip your team with the education they need to feel at home with the software. With that in mind, our editors have compiled a list of the best email marketing automation training and online courses for anyone looking to expand or fine-tune their email marketing automation. Click the GO TO TRAINING link to learn more about each class and register.

Note: The courses are listed alphabetically by the online learning platform.

The Best Email Marketing Automation Training Courses

Course Title: How to Use Automation to Send Emails with Mailchimp

OUR TAKE: If you’re new to the Mailchimp platform, this project-based course can help you hit the ground running. You will learn about Mailchimp’s automation tools and how to create a sign-up page that automatically sends new subscribers an email.

Provider: Coursera

Description: This project-based course can be completed in a single sitting and will cover the basics of creating automated emails with Mailchimp. The course uses a split-screen format where the instructor provides a step-by-step walkthrough through setting up a Mailchimp account, designing emails, creating a sign-up form, adding subscribers to lists, automating emails, testing the emails, and more.


Course Title: Think Outside the Inbox: Email Marketing

OUR TAKE: If you’re looking for an in-depth, beginner-level email marketing course, this is the offering for you. And if you want to keep the learning going after completing it, you can jump into the broader program it’s attached to.

Provider: Coursera

Description: While technically included in the broader, six-month Google Digital Marketing & E-commerce Professional Certificate program, this course can be taken on its own and focuses on helping beginner marketers learn how to successfully use email in their marketing efforts. Topics covered in this twenty-five-hour course include the different types of email marketing worth knowing, how to segment email lists, analyze email campaign results, set SMART goals, and write compelling copy for emails.


Course Title: Lead Generation Sales Funnel + Email Marketing Automation Masterclass

OUR TAKE: Instructor Sivakumar Kannan’s course is broken into 17 short lessons and will help entrepreneurs, marketers, and startups understand the basics of sales funnels and how to implement them.

Provider: Skillshare

Description: This course is designed to help entrepreneurs, digital marketers, startup owners, and freelance marketers understand and implement software like email automation systems and lead-generation sales funnels. Across the 17 lessons, instructor Sivakumar Kannan will teach users to create landing pages, email opt-in forms, thank you pages, email marketing lists, auto-responder emails, sales pages, and more.


Course Title: Marketing Automation & Email Marketing for Beginners

OUR TAKE: This hour-long course is taught by “serial entrepreneur” Mauricio Rubio and is designed to introduce learners to the foundational principles of marketing automation and email marketing

Provider: Skillshare

Description: If you’re an entrepreneur, employee, teacher, blogger, or anyone who wants to become familiar with email marketing and automation, this course is here to help. In addition to marketing and email automation fundamentals, the course outlines how learners can use those tools to drive revenue and maintain their marketing success.


Course Title: ActiveCampaign Email Automation Masterclass

OUR TAKE: Professional educator and writer Sarah Cordiner has developed this course to help students learn the skills needed to get the most value out of ActiveCampaign’s email marketing automation capabilities.

Provider: Udemy

Description: ActiveCampaign is a customer experience automation platform (CXA) designed to automate and customize a company’s marketing efforts. Taught by Sarah Cordiner, a professional educator and best-selling writer, this 3-hour course will introduce you to setting up an ActiveCampaign account and getting started with the platform. Specific topics covered include editing and formatting emails, creating targeted campaigns, developing email automation sequences, building pipelines, launching deal stages, and more.


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Course Title: Email Marketing Campaigns, A Complete Guide

OUR TAKE: This five-hour training course will give you a thorough overview of the tools, techniques, and skillsets you need to create email marketing campaigns that connect readers, convert them to customers, and keep their business.

Provider: Udemy

Description: Marketers who enroll in this training course will learn just about everything they need to develop, launch, and manage successful email marketing campaigns for their business or brand. For example, topics covered include how to build landing pages, use autoresponders, create calls-to-action that drive sales, drive traffic to specific web pages, grow an email list, nurture leads, establish lasting customer relationships, write eye-catching subject lines, automate marketing processes, and more. Alongside the hours of video material, students will also unlock over twenty downloadable resources to continue their learning.


Course Title: Email Marketing – Copywriting and Growing Your Email Lists

OUR TAKE: Writing copy is a fundamental part of any marketing strategy, and this course is designed to help you improve your ability to create content that reliably attracts, converts, and retains your target audience.

Provider: Udemy

Description: This bestselling, top-rated training course will provide learners with almost five hours of video material and over twenty downloadable learning resources designed to help marketers improve their emails. The course covers everything from common email marketing mistakes (and how to avoid them) to lead magnets, advertising, and warm-up sequences. It even covers real-world examples to help learners see effective strategies in practice.


Course Title: 5 Email Marketing Automations Every Business Needs

OUR TAKE: With ten years of experience in email marketing, instructor Daniel Miller will educate learners with the essential tools and know-how to become comfortable using email marketing automation in their business.

Provider: Udemy

Description: This 2-hour course is geared toward business leaders looking to become familiar with email marketing automation. Marketers who enroll can expect to learn how to use lead nurturing automation to create lasting customer relationships, automate business processes, and identify the most critical automation tools for any industry.


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