The 11 Best Marketing Automation Solutions for Salesforce

The 11 Best Marketing Automation Solutions for Salesforce

The editors at Solutions Review have compiled this list of the best marketing automation solutions and tools for Salesforce. Recommendations are listed in alphabetical order.

As marketing automation continues to grow and evolve, more and more solutions are being developed around the world. No matter the size of your business or the industry you operate in, it’s highly like that your company is using marketing automation, at least to some degree. Still, marketing automation on its own is not enough to guarantee the success of any business. Many organizations have turned to Salesforce, a large and well-known provider of many different types of enterprise technology. When you’ve already dedicated yourself to a certain vendor, it can be challenging to find other solutions or tools that integrate with your chosen vendor, such as Salesforce. Luckily, many marketing automation companies have developed integrations and connectors so that they can work with Salesforce and continue the growth of your business.

What makes the best Marketing Automation for Salesforce?

The editors at Solutions Review have developed this resource to assist buyers in search of the best marketing automation solutions for Salesforce. Choosing the right vendor and solution can be a complicated process — one that requires in-depth research and often comes down to more than just the solution and its technical capabilities. To make your search a little easier, we’ve profiled the best marketing automation solutions for Salesforce and put them all in one place. This list isn’t static, and vendors may be changed as the market evolves.

ActiveCampaign offers solutions for email marketing, marketing automation, as well as CRM and Sales Automation. Users have full control over their email campaigns, and have access to strong data collection and automation capabilities. Precision targeting takes the stress out of planning, as contacts are segmented into unique groups based on behavior and other important demographics. Its user-friendly interface and simple visual overlay allows for quick onboarding and a shallow learning curve. ActiveCampaign also offers social media analysis and deep site tracking.

Act-On offers a platform that eliminates many of the monotonous tasks marketers deal with. Various analytics and insights allow users to collect a large amount of data in order to constantly inform and improve marketing techniques. With the collected data, Act-On then automates nurturing based on user preference. It even segments customers and leads into various categories. Act-On offers integrations with several CRM solutions, and the vendor also offers professional services for clients that need help building an effective marketing strategy.

Autopilot offers a marketing platform with a focus on integration. The platform connects customer information from a variety of tools and systems. Users get a single view of all their customer data to make automating the marketing journey easier. These insights also create deep personal journeys that change based on customer behavior. Individualized messages will be sent to new customers based on their site behavior and engagement, like signing up for a webinar.

dotdigital offers a platform with simple drag-and-drop functionality for communicating with customers. It has multichannel capabilities to target customers efficiently. Users can harness analytics to send messages at the right time, in the right place, and on the right channel. Collected data includes customer identification and tracking. Lead scoring can be customized to focus on relevant data sets like purchase history, email opens, clicks, page views, and more. dotdigital can also work directly with users through managed and creative services.

GetResponse offers a suite of simple and powerful solutions that can be scaled and customized for small and large organizations. The company’s marketing solutions include automation, CRM, webinar software, email design, and more. Marketers can use the automation tool to easily create complex workflows. The software allows for hundreds of customer journey scenarios with real-time updates. GetResponse’s workflow designer uses simple block arrangement for conditions, actions, and filters. Customer profiles include tagging and scoring, so users can build detailed segments.

iContact began as an email marketing company for SMBs before becoming a larger entity for marketing automation and consulting. They offer detailed email marketing tools to help marketers deliver personalized messages. Delivery of messages is further enhanced by advanced tracking and reporting. Users can gain knowledge about what’s driving a campaign’s success or failure, and depending on your team’s skills, iContact offers access to a strategic advisor that can help build personalized campaigns with ease. Advisors have a detailed understanding of the platform and help make your email marketing goals a reality.

Keap, previously Infusionsoft, offers small businesses access to a marketing automation platform and CRM. The small business approach is emphasized as it only includes one user account in the base product. For clients new to marketing tools, Keap offers collaboration with an onboarding expert to initiate setup. The platform provides a centralized view of customer data that enhances both campaign automation and reporting. Keap helps users understand how audiences are responding to campaigns so modifications can be made when necessary. They also provide hundreds of business apps, so you can craft the platform that fits your needs.

LeadSquared brings marketing automation to key time-consuming areas so marketers and salespeople have time to focus on important projects. This is accomplished through automating engagement with leads and customers. Their software captures lead and activity data across channels with ease, so each engagement is meaningful and targeted. LeadSquared helps more than just marketers, as salespeople can easily access important data to find sales ready leads to target. The platform uses machine learning to forge a deeper understanding of conversion attributes. LeadSquared also integrations with popular CRMs like Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics.

Marketo offers marketing automation as an application. All of Marketo’s applications can integrate with their Engagement Marketing Hub. The marketing hub also includes LaunchPoint partner applications, so users can build an optimal marketing platform for their needs. The automated marketing application lets users build and scale automated marketing campaigns across channels. It also provides nurturing options that can be as persistent as needed. Each customer journey can be customized based on collected data, and each campaign is tracked for efficiency. Marketo was acquired by Adobe in September of 2018.

Maropost Marketing Cloud provides tools for building complex customer journeys. The platform gives marketers the ability to connect with customers across email, web, mobile, and social media channels. Users can create and automate workflows on every channel and lifecycle stage from a simple dashboard. Event-driven workflows nurture visitors on a path that reflects their behavior. Data is utilized by machine learning tools to make personalized recommendations on your website. The Maropost dashboard includes a single customer view to combine all available data on a customer. This creates deep segmentation functionality based on both manual and automatic data.

SharpSpring offers a marketing automation platform for businesses and agencies. Its behavioral-based tracking tool helps users understand what motivates each click. It also enhances email automation, as customers aretracked after the click for increased personalization. SharpSpring’s visual workflow builder includes branching logic to engage leads at the right times. Users can customize buyer personas to improve segmentation. The detailed data collection allows key marketing decisions to be made with logic and efficiency.

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