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The Most Valuable Part of Marketing Automation Isn’t the Automation

The Most Valuable Part of Marketing Automation Isn't the Automation

The Most Valuable Part of Marketing Automation Isn't the Automation

Marketing automation is the lifeblood of a modern marketing team, but its biggest benefit is completely divorced from the technical software. The solutions offer numerous and indispensable functionalities like behavioral tracking, lead nurturing, email automation, and more. But none of those even come close to the most valuable benefit of automation software, which is, far and away, the time it saves you on your marketing processes.

Marketers know what their jobs entail. There’s a lot of engaging, rewarding work that goes into securing and converting a lead; creating content, talking with people, and making connections. But as with any job, there’s a lot of housekeeping work that needs to be done first. And frankly, that work can be draining and just not a whole lot of fun. Sending out emails en masse, scoring and segmenting leads based on data compiled from the marketing efforts, and nurturing leads are things that need to get done, but are not necessarily the most time-efficient parts of your job. And an automated solution works around those tasks.

Statistical Savings

We recently covered the finer points of content marketing. In that article, we established that content marketing is one of the most effective methods of marketing by a large margin, saving enterprises 62 percent more money and exhibiting six times higher conversion rates when compared to not utilizing the practice. Those six hours a week you’re saving on social media posts? That’s time you can use to work on a blog post or video for your site. That’s time your team can spend working on creative new campaigns to generate more buzz for your brands. And, ultimately, it’s time you can spend focusing on other aspects of marketing and working toward greater returns.

According to information compiled by Entrepreneur, automating social media posts and other social management tasks saves upwards of six hours a week. Almost one full workday of time saved by automating one aspect of your marketing efforts. Entrepreneur also cites that enterprises automating personalized offers to customers based on browsing history see a 20 percent jump in sales. The same article also claims that enterprises automate lead nurturing see a 250 percent increased reply rate and by and large enjoy 10 percent more revenue.

Time is Money

Yes, it’s a cliche. But the old adage rings true, even if only partially. Every hour on the job is a precious commodity for each member of your marketing team. If you can save time, yes, you’re saving money. But in terms of marketing, you also make money. If you utilize an automated solution, the time you’ll save on the work a solution can carry out gives your marketers more time, energy, and focus to work on the processes that they do best. And ultimately, therein lies the true value of the solution. It allows your team to shine even brighter than they had been by making their roles simultaneously easier and more engaging.

Automation is not the most important feature of marketing software. It’s time, and everyone wishes they had more time.  Download our free buyer’s guide and get started on your search for the automated solution that will give you even more of the most precious commodity.

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