Hexnode MDM Launches iOS Remote View Functionality

Hexnode MDM Launches iOS Remote View FunctionalityUnified Endpoint Management (UEM) solution provider, Hexnode MDM, recently announced the release of iOS remote view, a feature which has been awaited by enterprise IT administrators. This capability is supported by Apple devices with iOS version 11 and above. The addition of the remote view feature will allow IT support teams to provide assistance and troubleshoot problems on the end devices. Hexnode is the product of Mitsogo Inc., based in San Francisco, CA.

Hexnode MDM already supports remote view for Android devices, as well as remote control for Samsung Knox devices. Because Apple does not allow remote control of the device, the feature set is limited solely to remote view. In addition to this, the remote view function only takes place when the end user agrees to it, unlike Android.

The new capability is used in order to provide remote assistance to the end users. IT administrators do not need to physically access the device for any troubleshooting purposes, as the device screen can be directly viewed from the Hexnode MDM portal. The iOS remote view also does not require an agent app to be installed in the device, as opposed to Android. All that is needed for the feature to be enabled is the Hexnode MDM app. For iOS 11 devices, the user needs to add the screen-sharing option to the control center themselves. However, from iOS 12 onwards, the option to turn on remote view will be available on the Hexnode MDM app itself.

Hexnode MDM provides solutions to organizations in over 100 countries around the world. Its parent company, Mitsogo, has also secured over 10 million devices globally through its range of endpoint visibility and control solutions.

To read Hexnode MDM’s full press release, click here.

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