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IBM Adds AI Chatbot to MaaS360 Unified Endpoint Management Security

IBM Adds AI Chatbot to MaaS360 Unified Endpoint Management Security

IBM Adds AI Chatbot to MaaS360 Unified Endpoint Management SecurityTech powerhouse, IBM, recently announced that it is augmenting its MaaS360 Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) security platform with new artificial intelligence-powered chatbot capabilities. The new tool, MaaS306 Assistant, is a chatbot that works over both voice and text chat. It gives users the ability to discover documents, make natural language queries to find emails, and schedule meetings, among other features.

On the new tool, offering manager for MaaS360 at IBM Security, Imtiazuddin Bellary stated, “IBM MaaS360 has invested in building AI functionality including natural language understanding and classification within the MaaS360 cloud, eliminating the need for data to be transferred to a third party for processing. This enables MaaS360 to maintain data privacy for customers and their users.”

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IBM Watson does not provide the voice capability in MaaS360 Assistant, but it does assist in enabling some of the cognitive capabilities in the tool. In order to enable the voice and speech-to-text functionality, the product leverages native speech recognition technology on iOS and Android. The MaaS360 Assistant was created with AI capabilities that will allow it to learn and evolve over time, meaning that the more it’s used, the better it becomes via continuous monitoring and feedback. The tool is meant for mobile device users.

Bellary continued by saying, “MaaS360 continues to invest in building cognitive features and delivering insights to administrators and end users that aid them with ease of administration, security management and enhanced user productivity. This happens with a mix of different AI technologies.”

MaaS360 employs a Software as a Service (SaaS) model enables the aggregation of the devices and clients being managed by the provider in order to search for relevant data, best practices, insights, and behavioral characteristics that can be applied to any deployment of MaaS360 contextually.

Bellary ended his thoughts by stating, “leveraging this data and the vast amount of other end user computing data, MaaS360 will use IBM Watson’s cognitive capabilities to become the trusted advisor for UEM practitioners, providing contextually relevant insights, recommendations, best practices, and notifications for emerging or pending threats.”

Read the full announcement here.

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