New Ivanti Cloud Unifies IT Operations and Security Processes

New Ivanti Cloud Unifies IT Operations and Security ProcessesIT management solution provider, Ivanti, recently announced the release of Ivanti Cloud. The new cloud-based platform unifies IT operations and security data and processes so businesses can easily assess their environment and gain insights. The platform offers a real-time view into device analytics, in addition to providing prescriptive recommendations through Ivanti Smart Advisors, which provide prioritized, data-driven guidance to assist analysts in being more effective.

In a press statement, Vice President of Product Management at Ivanti, Duane Newman said, “complexity and risk are standing in IT’s way, preventing them from delivering on new strategic initiatives. We are all about helping organizations discover, gain insights, and take action in their environments. The new Ivanti Cloud establishes a foundation that we will continue to build on to help siloed IT teams improve processes, communication, and response times, ultimately allowing them to take prioritized action to improve security and user productivity.”

Ivanti Cloud is a cloud-hosted solution that collects and manages data across an enterprise’s servers and endpoints and acts as a central hub for security and operations teams. Key elements include:

  • Real-Time Intelligence: With Ivanti Real-Time, users no longer need to wait for scans to complete or use data that may be weeks old. Users have the ability to identify troubled systems, or vulnerabilities such as inactive Windows firewalls or disabled encryption, and take action with a click of a button.
  • Smart Advisors: With Smart Advisors, Ivanti Cloud details recommended best practices and prioritizes the necessary actions IT operations and security teams can take in order to minimize risk and enhance performance and availability.
  • Data Services and Connectors: In order to support broad data services and system discovery, Ivanti Cloud provides system connectors for both Ivanti and third-party system management solutions. Data services uses connectors and cloud agents to aggregate data, then normalizes and reconciles the data so it can be leveraged by multiple systems, including Smart Advisors, dashboards, other cloud services, and on-premise solutions.
  • Automation Fabric: Ivanti Cloud offers automated actions that are built or scripted in the cloud. The automation fabric is a flexible framework upon which additional automation of processes and actions can be built.

Bryan Boam, CEO of Network Consulting Services, Inc., added, “with the release of Ivanti Cloud, Ivanti is transforming IT operations and security. It’s a great add on for existing customers with the added speed and efficiency it delivers through Real-Time intelligence coupled with unified data and actions. However, it also works great in environments without Ivanti’s traditional products, or for companies using a mix of IT technologies from a variety of vendors. Ivanti Cloud is delivering the comprehensive platform organizations need to innovate within IT, so they can deliver a better experience, added security and solid reliability to their global enterprise.”

To read Ivanti’s full press release, click here.