Symantec Announces New Email Threat Isolation Solution

Symantec Announces New Email Threat Isolation SolutionCyber and mobile security provider, Symantec, recently announced the release of Email Threat Isolation. This tool blocks advanced email threats on mobile devices by protecting users from credential theft, spear phishing, ransomware attacks, and account takeover. Symantec is the only provider that currently offers an integrated email security solution with threat isolation technology for enterprise email.

Symantec CEO, Greg Clark stated, “despite significant efforts by our industry to detect and block email-borne threats, messaging remains the primary vector for malware and scams within the enterprise. The industry requires a paradigm shift to properly secure messaging, and we are excited to be bringing the innovation of integrated isolation technology to email. This revolutionary technology helps enterprises to quickly and easily isolate all malicious email content – both internal and external – to substantially reduce inherent risks within messaging applications. Further, because the technology is cloud-based, organizations can be up and running quickly and easily, reducing stress on already taxed IT teams.”

Email Threat Isolation ensures that suspicious links and web pages are isolated, giving users safe access. This tool enables users to be protected from advanced email attacks by creating a secure remote execution environment between them and malicious content. Additionally, the tool can render risky sites in read-only mode, thereby stopping employees from disclosing sensitive data, such as corporate credentials.

Patrick Gardner, Symantec’s senior vice president of email security and advanced threat protection, also spoke of the new offering, stating, “we are bringing innovation to this critical control point, to significantly reduce reliance on employee behavior, and give IT administrators greater control over their email environment. As part of our mission to deliver an integrated cyber defense platform, we designed Email Threat Isolation to provide advanced phishing protection to all organizations, whether they use Symantec Email Security or third-party email security solutions.”

To learn more, read Symantec’s full press release here.