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NetIQ Releases Identity Manager 4.5

NetIQ Releases New Version of IAM Solution, NetIQ Identity Manager 4.5

NetIQ Releases New Version of IAM Solution, NetIQ Identity Manager 4.5NetIQ, a leading provider of Identity and Access Management solutions, has released the latest version of its IAM offering, Identity Manager 4.5. The company sees a transition towards business leaders making technology decisions rather than IT, and an increasing need to make those decisions “in hours as opposed to days.” Travis Greene, Senior Solution Strategist, Identity Management for NetIQ says that “Business users have become accustomed, through their consumer experience, to self-service – such as setting up their own email accounts and installing their own applications – and they expect that same degree of freedom when it comes to business services.”

Identity Manager 4.5 has been released with this new reality in mind. Key new features in version 4.5 include the following:

Identity Manager User Interface – An intuitive business-user interface for access request and approval.
Role and Resource Catalog Administrator – A business analyst interface for managing roles and resources.
Mobile Approvals – A native mobile application for busy managers to provide access approvals.
Permission Collection and Reconciliation Service – Automates the management of permissions (entitlements) in connected systems to maintain available resources in the catalog.

Greene expands on how these features help business leaders:

“NetIQ Identity Manager 4.5 reflects the fundamental shift in approach that organizations need to take to provide a consumer-level ease of use, with a seamless experience across desktop, cloud and mobile applications, in order for policy to be centrally enforced. Organizations should look to tap into the power that identity delivers in driving their productivity and ability to quickly and efficiently adopt new technologies without unnecessary cost and risk to the organization.”

These new Identity and Access Management features are built on top of NetIQ’s focus on automation within and throughout the IAM provisioning process. Combine that base with these new features and NetIQ customer are expected reap major benefits, including a reduction in “the manpower required to fulfill requests, giving users visibility into all applications that are available to enhance productivity, while reducing the risk of excess credentialing to organizations.”

NetIQ is charging a rate of $20 a user, according to the press release. For more information on NetIQ, its solution, and other leading IAM solutions, check out the Solutions Review 2015 Identity and Access Management Buyers Guide here.

For the press release on NetIQ Identity Manager 4.5, click here.

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