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Enterprises: Don’t Become Complacent in Your Cybersecurity!

What Makes Next-Generation SIEM So Essential?

Enterprises Don't Become complacent in your cybersecurity

Enterprise Leaders and Chief Information Security Officers: are you complacent in your cybersecurity policies?

This may seem like a harsh or unfounded accusation, but it isn’t meant to be. Rather, it is meant to be a reminder to enterprises everywhere: as in any continuous process, it is easy to become complacent in your cybersecurity policies.

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After all, once you’ve found the right solution—which you should absolutely have deployed on your IT environment—it is easy to fall prey to the set-it-and-forget-it-mindset. In fact, it can be easy to fall into this mindset even without a cybersecurity solution in place. But regardless of your unique scenario, this confidence is unfounded.

There’s No Time for Excuses!

“My enterprise is far too small to be the target of hackers!”

“Our industry doesn’t have anything hackers would want!”

“We’ll know if a hacker breaches our perimeter. We have something in place already!”

None of these statements are original quotes. Rather, they are constant refrains from enterprises that have become complacent in their cybersecurity protocols and are indulging in reassurances rather than reinvesting in their digital safety.

After all, are you sure your cybersecurity solution is still the right fit for your enterprise? Or that it is capable of detecting and removing modern threats such as fileless malware or rootkits? Or that it providing adequate protection to your entire IT environment—including locations you may not be actively using?

Cybersecurity is a constantly shifting environment and a competitive marketplace. You need to be reviewing your enterprise’s strategies and solutions constantly to make sure both are performing optimally.

So how can you avoid becoming complacent in your cybersecurity?

Best Practices and Active Involvement

Keep an Eye on your Data

Where are your enterprise’s most important data files and digital assets stored? This isn’t an idle question: if you don’t know with absolute certainty where your most important information is, how can you be sure it is safe? That isn’t even exploring whether you are sure you know all of the databases your enterprise’s network contains and the information they collect. You should have your IT security team working in tandem with your solution to increase visibility into your network and find as many of your data flows as possible. Hackers thrive in digital darkness so give them as little as possible!

Go Beyond Compliance

Being in compliance with your industry and governmental regulatory standards is a huge part of cybersecurity, especially when it comes to SIEM and security analytics solutions.

However, assuming that being compliant is the same as being secure is a fast way to become complacent in your cybersecurity. Meeting only compliance standards can leave you open to vulnerabilities that may not be covered under the regulatory language. Remember, being out of compliance can result in some harsh financial penalties, but being hacked can result in even worse repercussions in the long term.   

Keep Your Cybersecurity Solutions Updated

Having a cybersecurity solution isn’t the same as having a cybersecurity solution operating at its most effective level. Make sure that your solutions are updated with the latest versions from your solution providers. If your solution hasn’t received an update in a significant period of time—6 months may be a good metric, if not sooner—make sure your solution provider is still supporting your product. Consider a change if they aren’t or if your IT security team isn’t convinced your solution can adequately protect your enterprise as it scales!

NEVER Assume You Are Fully Secure

It is easy to become complacent in your cybersecurity protocol by giving into the fallacy that by doing everything correctly, your enterprise will become impervious to hackers.

In reality, no cybersecurity platform is ever 100% effective at preventing a breach. The good news is that having a robust cybersecurity solution will deter many hackers looking for easy targets. However, inevitably you will be targeted. You need to be monitoring for any sign of a potential breach and take potential threats seriously the moment you find an indication of one.

Active involvement will always trump becoming complacent in your cybersecurity procedures. You can prevent the vast majority of threats and mitigate the damage from the breaches that do occur by making cybersecurity a top priority. Always assume your enterprise is at risk…the truth is that it is!

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