All Day DevOps Online Conference is Coming October 17th!

It proves difficult to keep up with the continuous updates and trends in the cloud computing space. Stagnating in this space often leads to irrelevance for both employees and enterprises. Thus, technology teams must attend a variety of cloud relevant conferences, such as an AWS Summit. These events come with travel and event costs though. Fortunately, All Day DevOps provides live sessions from top speakers covering areas throughout cloud computing.

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I introduced All Day DevOps last month, when the event listed around 100 speakers. Today, though, registrants gain access to 125 speakers for free! With the event coming up on Wednesday, be sure to register as soon as possible.

All Day DevOps has a Slack channel for viewers to interact with speakers. Each speech fits into 5 DevOps areas like CI/CD, cultural transformation, DevSecOps, cloud-native infrastructure, and site reliability engineering.

All Day DevOps Co-founder, Derek E Weeks, stated, “It’s online, free, and accessible to everyone. We don’t allow vendor pitches in order to keep the focus on practitioner level knowledge sharing. It’s also not just a show-up and watch kind of thing; last year we hosted over 30,000 conversations on Slack from conference participants. This year, we’ve also seen communities jump in to support All Day DevOps with local viewing parties — we have 96 around the world, so far.

“This year, we’re striving to educate 1,000,000 DevOps professionals on October 17th,” said Weeks. “We have the scale to make it happen and with no cost or travel requirements, we think the goal is achievable.  With folks like you helping us spread the word, we’re excited to see where we can grow the community to this year.”

We’ve chatted with a few of the event speakers to gain deeper insights into their sessions. Check out our preview for Jose Manuel Ortega’s speech, “Common Vulnerabilities & Exposures in Docker Containers,” as well as Dan Barker’s talk, “Monitoring the Easy Way.”

You can register here