Google and Cisco Team Up Against Microsoft and Amazon in Cloud Wars

Google and Cisco Team Up Against Microsoft and Amazon in Cloud Wars


Google Cloud signed a partnership with Cisco in order to better compete with cloud leaders, Amazon and Microsoft. Under this agreement, the two companies are investing in ways for existing data centers up into the Google Cloud. For Cisco, it’s the first cloud computing partnership that the company has ever signed.

With this agreement, both of these tech giants have something to offer each other; Google gets greater access to to Cisco customers, and Cisco is able to offer its customers a simple way to take advantage of Google’s scale and cutting-edge technology.

Google’s public cloud offers developers a wide range of cutting-edge services including artificial intelligence and massive databases.

While all this sounds great, customers may find themselves facing some annoying legal hurdles. The problem is that not every company will be wanting or needing to move their operations to the cloud. Often times highly regulated industries like finance and healthcare run against legal hurdles that can slow down the cloud migration process. Other companies just don’t want to take the time or effort to move operations from their existing on-premises infrastructure. While Microsoft has already made leaps and bounds with its hybrid cloud offering, Azure, Google has begun investing in its own hybrid cloud technology.

While it’s an impressive and well thought out partnership, don’t expect to see Google replacing AWS anytime soon. The tech giant.still falls into third place behind Amazon and Microsoft in cloud computing.