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Are You Following These Six Cloud Influencers On Twitter?

Twitter-Accounts-to-Follow-for-Cloud-ComputingA few months ago, we gave you a list of the top ten cloud computing twitter accounts to follow to turn your feed into a veritable treasure trove of insightful cloud news and information, and then a few months later we gave you six more. We hope that our suggestions helped you achieve a bit of cloud enlightenment, but once again, we recognize that Twitter is a big, big place.

Twitter’s active user base is 243 million users— that’s nearly four times the population of the United Kingdom. It would be foolhardy to think that we could get all of the best cloud accounts in a brief ten-point— or even 16-point— list.

So we’re back at it, helping you feed the feed need with the best cloud news, thought leadership, and best practices in what’s becoming an ongoing series.

Read ahead for six more essential Twitter accounts for thought leadership in cloud computing and don’t forget to follow me @cloudtechreview for cloud and information security news and best practices.

James Urquhart @jamesurquhart

James Urquhart is a leader in cloud computing with an extensive background in business system development with distributed service based systems. Urquhart is a frequent guest on the popular cloud computing podcast The Cloudcast, and has been named one of the 10 most influential people in cloud computing by MIT Technology Review.

Aaron Delp @aarondelp

Aaron Delp is one-half of the team that makes up The Cloudcast (as featured in our top cloud podcasts list) and the director of cloud solutions at Solidfire. With four years of podcasting and over 200 episodes under his belt, it’s fair to assume that Delp knows his way around the cloud.

Brian Gracely @bgracely

Brian Gracely co-founded the Cloudcast with Delp in 2011, and has since established himself as an authority on all things cloud computing. Gracely currently works as a Senior Director at EMC.

Randy Bias @randybias

An early vocal supporter of the OpenStack project, Randy Bias is currently VP of Technology for EMC, and previously served as CEO of Cloudscaling. Bias is a well know cloud evangelist whose words can be found in media such as GigaOm, InformationWeek, Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, and more.

Jeff Sussna @jeffsussna

Jeff Sussna is an author with over twenty years of experience in the design, development and delivery of cutting-edge software and services. In the past decade Sussna became an early proponent of DevOps and Public Cloud, and subsequently he has become a thought leader in that space.

John Willis @botchagalupe

“When all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a container.” So reads the Twitter profile of well know DevOps expert John Willis. A frequent guest on the Cloudcast, Willis recently began work with Linux container company Docker, arguably the hottest company in the cloud today. For container news and insights, Willis’s feed is a no-brainer.

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