The 27 Best Enterprise CRM Companies for Your Business in 2020

The 27 Best Enterprise CRM Companies for Your Business in 2020

The current CRM market is crowded, so it can be hard to find the best enterprise CRM companies when the internet is filled with products that can address hundreds uses cases, verticals, deployment methods, and budgets. But as this market continues to grow, it becomes more and more difficult to sort through the vast number of vendors and solutions. CRM software is typically used by sales teams, but many solutions now offer marketing automation, social media management, productivity tools, customer service functionality, and much more. Some offer sliding price scales, others offer subscriptions, and some offer their tools and services for free.

There are several approaches to enterprise CRM, and it’s important to identify what kind of tool your organization needs. Every CRM has basic sales functionality, but others are more advanced, offering analytics, modeling, prediction, and much more. What’s important is finding a solution that improves the quality of your relationship with your customers, drives sales, and makes your work easier.

Selecting the best enterprise CRM company to work with can be a daunting task, and we’re here to help. That’s why our editors have compiled this list of the 27 best enterprise CRM companies to consider if you are looking for a new solution.

The 27 Best Enterprise CRM Companies for Your Business in 2020

Act! provides a variety of features with a focus on sales management and marketing automation. Although applicable to all business, those at the SMB level may find the most success with Act!, as it offers a companion app available on tablets and mobile devices. In addition to designing responsive campaigns and nurturing incoming leads, this vendor’s marketing automation allows users to optimize their campaigns and marketing assets. A/B testing pinpoints your most impactful marketing strategies, and tools like GDPR compliance and spam analysis make sure that your campaigns get where they need to go.

Agile CRM offers an expansive portfolio of CRM functionality, as well as marketing automation. The vendor markets itself as a one-stop-shop for everything marketing, sales, and service. Agile CRM integrates with platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, allowing for contacts and social pages to be easily transferred to benefit your marketing and sales strategies. The product is free for up to 10 users, which makes it an easy choice for small companies and those on a budget.

Apptivo is a CRM that helps businesses attract, engage, and retain customers. It offers a highly customizable experience that allows users to manage each individual aspect of their CRM through a network of connected applications. This includes apps for contracts, competitors, sales planning, territory management, customers, contacts, work orders, opportunities, cases, and leads. Apptivo offers a wide range of functionalities, and is therefore compatible with many different business types and industries.

Bitrix24 is a free/low-cost CRM with features like marketing automation, customer support, and client management. In addition to being available in cloud and on-premise, Bitrix24 is accessible on both desktop and mobile devices. Whether your organization is looking for a multichannel, marketing-oriented solution, or a heavily sales-oriented CRM, Bitrix24 offers a high-quality product. This is a particularly good choice for smaller businesses, as the vendor offers a varied price model depending on the number of intended users.

The 27 Best Enterprise CRM Companies for Your Business in 2020

Blueshift offers both CRM and marketing automation solutions but is unique in the fact that it blends AI with its software. Where another vendor might bring in a customer data platform, Blueshift provides a smart data platform backed by its AI technology, capable of making predictions based on previous inputs. Blueshift’s marketing automation provides real-time segmentation that changes based on user behavior. It offers behavioral, demographic, and lifecycle segmentation, and allows users to identify high value prospects.

ConnectWise offers an agile and powerful solution focused on automating sales and marketing processes. This platform offers features such as contact management, quote and proposal generation, and sales analytics. ConnectWise is focused on streamlining your workflow; automation lets you stop wasting time on manual and repeated tasks and focus on what’s truly important to your organization. ConnectWise is an ideal option for organizations looking to automation as a way to save time and speed up certain processes.

Creatio’s (formerly known as bpm’online) CRM offerings include sales, marketing, and customer service. The sales tool offers a wide variety of capabilities and features, focusing on driving customer acquisition, development, and retention. By offering sales automation, marketing automation, and service management products, Creatio covers a wide breadth of business solutions. It offers a unique document flow feature that allows users to track documents within the system and link them to customers, opportunities, and orders. Creatio offers a unique synergy of CRM, BPM, and case management technologies.

Over 15,000 customers use Freshsales, taking advantage of its sales pipeline management and built-in phone and email capabilities. This CRM solution provides access for an unlimited amount of users, unlimited contact storage, and unlimited support from Freshales’ service team. Its core features include built-in phone and email, lead and contact management, and visual sales pipeline management. This vendor also offers Freshsales access on mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones.

HubSpot is a free CRM solution with sales and lead nurturing capabilities. Users can store as many as 1 million contacts and companies, and access to HubSpot is free forever. Functionalities include contact management and insights, email tracking and templates, reporting dashboards, Facebook & Instagram leads, integration with Gmail & Outlook, and much more. In addition to typical CRM features, Hubspot also offers several customer service features through its Service Hub. This includes the ability to generate FAQ’s, as well as customer feedback tools, conversational bots, and goal-oriented metrics.

Infor’s CloudSuite CRM provides a comprehensive view of your customers by taking data directly from your team’s inputs, as well as automatically collecting data from past interactions and outside sources. CloudSuite’s core features include lead and opportunity management, detailed reports, dashboards, and analytics, as well as manual process automation. Users also have access to CloudSuite on smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices. In addition to CRM functionality, CloudSuite offers full integration with a variety of ERP systems and other enterprise technology software solutions.

The 27 Best Enterprise CRM Companies for Your Business in 2020

Insightly is a CRM focused on helping businesses build stronger customer relationships and deliver projects in a timely manner, allowing users to manage contacts, sales, and projects in a single location. Insightly’s features include lead routing, workflow automation, email management, custom dashboards and trackable metrics, as well as mobile access for both Android and iOS. The mobile app allows users to scan business cards and easily upload contact information, update task statuses, milestones, and deliverables, or create a completely new opportunity.

True to its name, Less Annoying CRM offers a streamlined product for those seeking a simple, uncluttered user experience. The product was built with small and medium-sized organizations in mind, and includes many standard features one would expect to find in CRM software. Key capabilities include a customer management database, lead pipeline management, and feature customization. The tool is web-based and can be accessed from anywhere with wireless internet connection.

Maximizer offers feature-rich suite of products, its CRM highlighted by sales functionality, as well as marketing automation, contact management, cloud-based data storage, and a companion mobile application. Maximizer also provides users with unlimited storage and investment account management, which can be unlocked through a collection of different sales package add-ons. The solution itself can be deployed on-premise, or customers can utilize Maximizer’s own cloud and eliminate the hassle of managing servers.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 spans multiple technology categories and offers more than just traditional customer relationship management. The solution is much more focused on customer support than its competitors. Dynamics 365 provides users with a complete customer view, an agile support model, predictive analysis, and integrated AI functionality. It easily integrates with other Microsoft products, allowing different teams to work together and share information more efficiently.

NetSuite offers a cloud-based CRM tool that updates in real-time. The tool provides traditional features such as SFA, customer service management and marketing automation, as well more advanced capabilities like order management, commissions, sales forecasting, and integrated ecommerce. The platform tackles the entire customer lifecycle, from lead all the way through opportunity, sales order, fulfillment, and more. This is a great choice for those already using other Oracle enterprise software that want an easy-to-integrate and familiar platform.

Nextiva offers multiple CRM tools and capabilities to fit the needs of different industries. Treating its software like tools in a toolbox, this vendor provides solutions designed to tackle traditional sales challenges as well as customer service. Their sales capabilities are on-par with its competitors, but the unique quality of their customer service features is what separates Nextiva from the pack. Features include customer management, analytics and insights, customer feedback and satisfaction, workflow automation, and much more. The Customer Relationship Suite also integrates with Nextiva’s cloud phone system.

The 27 Best Enterprise CRM Companies for Your Business in 2020

Nimble offers a wide array of products and functionalities specifically designed to integrate with Microsoft Office and G-Suite. Well suited for middle-market and enterprise-level organizations, Nimble offers CRM and sales automation functionalities, as well as social insights into potential prospects. This social integration sets Nimble apart from its competitors, collecting key information from online profiles to supplement data already within the system. Nimble is a great tool for nurturing customer relationships and closing more deals.

Nutshell offers a user-friendly experience for businesses and teams of all sizes. Complete with customizable sales processes and sales automation, Nutshell provides all the standard features of a CRM. The mobile Nutshell app is a great choice for small business sales teams, which provides users with everything they need to close a deal in a simple, affordable package. View and edit account information, scan business cards, log meetings and call notes, receive push notifications and alerts, and much more.

Pipedrive offers a clean, visually intuitive CRM focused on improving sales processes. The product includes functionalities such as forecasting, pipeline management, email integration and reporting, as well as task automation. With the Pipedrive mobile application, users have access to tracked calls and caller ID, quick notes and meeting prep, online and offline access, and more. Keep track of everything on your schedule by viewing upcoming calls and meetings, as well as managing unread emails and overdue activities.

Avidian Technologies’ Prophet CRM is a solution specifically designed to integrate with Microsoft Outlook. This solution is available at three different price points so organizations can pick the option that best suits their needs. Prophet’s features include contact and opportunity management, sales automation and workflow, document generation, reporting and analytics, integration capability, and mobile access.

Sage offers sales, marketing, service and an integrated CRM product. The tool works by automating standard practices while featuring a complete view of customer activity. The integrated platform enables users to create targeted campaigns based on customer information, as well as handle customer queries with more efficiency. This allows sales to source quotes faster to meet specific shipment and delivery requirements. Sage is better suited for small and medium-sized businesses.

The 27 Best Enterprise CRM Companies for Your Business in 2020

Salesbox is a cloud-based, predictive CRM designed for desktop and mobile access. It contains features such as pipeline visualization, smart guidance and forecasts, as well as integrations with Google, Microsoft, and other software. The vendor advertises Salesbox as a “platform that mobile users love” and provides a variety of mobile tools, especially for iOS devices like iPhone, iPad, and iPad Pro. The platform is also scalable, and offers five different pricing packages based on business size and needs.

Salesforce offers the most expansive and complete CRM product of any vendor profiled in this resource. This platform includes all of the company’s sales and marketing applications, most notably the Sales and Marketing Clouds, Service Cloud, Analytics Cloud, App Cloud and IoT service. Salesforce is fully mobile, and its Complete Customer Management Solution is best-in-class. If your organization needs a large suite of established, popular enterprise technology solutions, Salesforce has got you covered.

SugarCRM is designed to provide an excellent user experience by offering a simple UI and a wide breadth of customization options. The platform is available in three different versions, with functionalities differing between versions. There’s also a special relationship intelligence add-on available to those who need it. Key features include sales automation and forecasting, lead management, sales campaigns, and quote configuration. SugarCRM’s marketing automation tools offer functionalities including lead qualification, ROI measurement, data segmentation, email campaign management, and more.

Zendesk Sell, formerly BaseCRM, offers users a comprehensive CRM experience with a focus on sales force automation. Zendesk is a user-focused sales force automation software striving to enhance pipeline visibility for sales teams and boost productivity in businesses large and small. This vendor offers mobile access, lead management and reporting, pipeline visualization, and more. Zendesk Sell is a great choice for companies that place heavy emphasis on rapid progression through sales pipelines.

The 27 Best Enterprise CRM Companies for Your Business in 2020

Zoho CRM offers a wide variety of tools to help organizations improve their selling capabilities. Core features include sales automation, marketing automation, pipeline management, multichannel management, artificial intelligence, and more. With Zoho marketing automation, users can observe the activity of their audience on native or outside web apps. Get a bird’s eye view of ROI and budget distributions, and manage your presence across a variety of channels and social platforms. Zoho also offers a variety of integrations with other business applications.

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