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Qualtrics Launches XM/OS to Help Companies Understand Client Needs

Qualtrics Announces New Experience Management
Qualtrics Announces New Experience Management

Source: Qualtrics

Qualtrics has announced XM/OS, a new experience management operating system providing three services designed to help organizations understand their customers’ and employees’ needs and adjust experiences in real-time when necessary. The news was announced alongside the Qualtrics WorkDifferent virtual event, which launched on April 13th.

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Qualtrics is the founder of the “Experience Management (XM)” category of services and is committed to developing solutions that help organizations manage and improve their customer, employee, product, and brand experiences. The Qualtrics XM product can help businesses develop customer-centric products, compelling brand identities, and attract and retain customers and employees alike.

With XM/OS, Qualtrics provides organizations with three interconnected services—XM Directory, iQ, and xFlow. These three services exist on the Qualtrics XM/OS unified cloud platform, which can help companies create detailed customer profiles, analyze feedback data, detect trends, identify gaps in service, and empower users across the organization to take action.

The XM Directory centralizes a company’s customer and employee data and uses it to create unique profiles that remember each individual’s needs and preferences, iQ an AI-powered analytics suite and automatically analyzes experience data within XM/OS, and XFlow is a low-code/no-code workflow engine connects to HR and CRM systems and provides more than 130 out-of-box connections

Brad Anderson, the President of Products and Services at Qualtrics, provided the following statement in the press release announcing XM/OS: “The new normal is already here and with the acceleration of digital, all it takes to change jobs or service providers is a few clicks. Companies that want to emerge as leaders in the future need to capture and truly understand the feelings and emotions of their customers and employees, and then act on that data to design the experiences they want next and continuously improve them over time.”

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